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  1. Neutral light and horn suddenly not working ??

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi all. Currently building a street tracker from my old FMX. Just re assembling it and yesterday had all the idiot and horn working. Come back to it today and have lost the horn and neutral light ? Can’t find any duff wiring etc and visually checked the fuses. Any suggestions ? Jez
  2. Kevlar I an idiot

    I think I am an Kevlar jeans have an elastic band at the bottom of the leg. I tried putting them round e heel of my boots but the elastic keeps catching on my foot pegs, side stand etc. is it me or are you meant to wear bike jeans on the inside of your boots....don't like that look at...
  3. Wanted: Wanted Rear Disc for AT RD07

    For Sale / Wanted
    Why has nobody responded to my post? Ah!! because some idiot did not make the post (I think, at least no sign of it) I am after a rear disc for my 96 RD07 the old one is scored and I have an MOT end of January and a tax demand etc etc etc Has anybody got one that would pass an MOT. Thanks in...
  4. Neutral light

    Dominator / FMX
    Intermittent problem, hoping to nail it before it becomes a permanent problem - no light on when gear is in neutral. For a while on my commute this morning, the neutral light stopped working. It was fine when I set off, stopped for a while, then was fine again. Any ideas what to look at first...
  5. Wanted: XR125 forks and front wheel

    For Sale / Wanted
    A mate of mine has had some idiot of a woman drive into him. We need fork stanchions and a front wheel if anyone is breaking a bike? Thanks
  6. Another idiot on the road

    From the BBC - Car driven with bonnet up on A31 in Hampshire. Really like the comment from the AA - the man's actions highlighted that some drivers were "outside the mould of normality". Outside the mould of normality? Well, that's one way of putting it. 100% free webcam site! | Awesome...
  7. What a fecking idiot...

    Found this over on the ABR forum and its too good not to share. I know its a car forum but none of us likes thieves. Quality thread Snap On van broken into and stripped!!!!!! - Mitsubishi Lancer Register Forum
  8. Stupid Fuel Tap Handle

    Africa Twin
    Yup, I broke it...for the second time!:mad: Has anyone fashioned a flexible idiot-proof alternative for part no. 11?
  9. Idiot indeed!!

    BBC News - Willingham Woods speeder admits 'driving like an idiot'
  10. The Motorcycle and The Idiot: A Marriage of Inconvenience

    Dear All, I have just started writing a blog of my feeble attempts at learning how to maintain a motorcycle. I've been riding for over 30 years and can only do the very basic stuff so I've committed myself to learning by buying a 1998 Honda Transalp. You can read about my trials and...
  11. Idiot Tories at it again.

    Apparently it is Morally wrong to pay tradesmen in cash according to Treasury Minister David Gauke. Seems to me that it is way easier to hit the hard working* man in the street than to go after all their tax dodging mates in the mega corporations. Same old Tories! * Work - something...
  12. Is Osborne really this stupid?

    Seriously, he didn't know that this was going on? He is either a much, much bigger idiot than I gave him credit for, or he is just another tory liar. Millionaire tax avoiders 'shock' chancellor. 100% free webcam site! | Awesome chicks and it is absolutely free! | Watch free live sex cam -...
  13. Bugger, looks like I bent it - what would you do?

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi all, I wasn't sure where to post this - it was a bit of a toss-up whether I post this one here or in "for sale" section, but I decided to ask here first (since frame = "sort of mechanical"), so here goes. (Mods, if you think this is in the wrong place, please do move it to the appropriate...
  14. Ok, I admit... I'm an idiot!

    Today is a bank holiday in Belgium (on a Sunday, who thought of that)... So I thought I'd do some maintenance on the KTM. She needs an oil change and such, so I figured now is as good a time as any... So I begin taking off the left-side tank (since you need to disassemble half the bike to get...
  15. idiot!!!! aaaaaargh!!!!

    Africa Twin
    finally got the thing back together and found a tank rubber on the floor........start again.............get it all together again..........didnt check the plugs......aaaaaaaaaaaaargh!! sorry guys but what socket size are the plugs as its all together now and i cant get the vernier in!!! I'll...
  16. paragliding idiot

    Darwin award entry - if he dies at least. Buys a £300 paraglider off ebay and watches a video on Youtube before setting off. And then tied his paraglider to his car so he did not fly too high. And breaks his back. Numptie!
  17. Unbelievable Idiot

    Idiots - - SV650 & Gladius 650 Forum
  18. XR600R rear wheel removal - am I being an idiot?

    I'm just trying to get the rear wheel off the XR, something I've done plenty of times before on my Suzuki SV and GSX-R. I've undone the axle nut, and given the axle a light tap through until it is flush with the swing arm, but no amount of pulling and waggling from the other side will move the...
  19. Another loss

    In the early hours of this morning Anerley Hill, Anerley Road was shut due to a serious Road Traffic Collision. A Motorbike coming down from the top of the hill in excess of 90 MPH (30 MPH speed limit) doing a wheelie, hit a car that was turning right. Bike cannot be recognised as the largest...
  20. LED idiot bulb type

    Africa Twin
    Hi All Anyone know what the correct type of led bulb is for the idiot lights on the RD07. There seems to be so many on ebay? T5's T8's T10's...????? slim, wedge Thanks