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  1. Africa Twin
    My 1994 RD07A is intermittently missing a beat at idle? It does need some carb work and is idleing a little high. But every once in a while it seems to have a little hiccup. There is a mechanical “click” sound then a miss in the RPMs. It’s just for an instant, then returns to normal. This...
  2. Africa Twin
    Hello everyone. I have read mostly all threats and post about XRV choke and lean problems and haven't find solution for my running lean problem.. slowly dropping revs and hunting idle... and only air leak that i can find is from choke. I have reamoved choke cable and pushed choke valve/plunger...
  3. Dominator / FMX
    When i bought my 89 nx i noticed the idle screw cable was snapped off at the carb, the tosser i bought it off assured me he had a spare and would send it on. Well he didn't and i have no way of adjusting as the cable has snapped tight up to the point of entry, CSNL have none nor D S. does anyone...
  4. Africa Twin
    I have a lithium battery. mosfet reg/reg wired directly to battery. battery voltage 13.2 voltage on idle and on load 14.8-15 v with all accessories and lightd on 14.4v is too high or ok?
  5. Africa Twin
    Hi all started my xrv for the first time since i bought it after fitting some led indicators (long story ).Any how on strting the idle had been set too high so once the bike warmed up i reduced the idle spped to a respectable 1200,as i was lowering the clutch noise became louder like the...
  6. Varadero
    Hello friends, just been arrived from a 3200kms trip arround pyrenees. When I got home after 800kms with arround 36degrees, my battery went almost flat. Ive been following the electrical fault-find pdf and the stator at 2500-3000rpm, two phases give me 55volts AC and one 75AC... Also, when I...
  7. Africa Twin
    Engine it's fine untill 5000rpm. After that it shakes like crazy. it's the same on idle and under load. I can go 75miles max as more be very uncomfortable. Change coil ht iridium spark. Membrane are fine. Choke off permamently. What else.. please help. I might add movie later.
  8. Varadero
    Hi, just installed this weekend manual cct on my Dero. The bike feels smoother at idle but rolling it seems a struggle a little or could be just placebo I dont know. Should I turn off 1/4 on the mcct? will be need to put the engine at TDC? cheers
  9. Africa Twin
    Hi all, I have an rd04 runs and rides really well,the choke and idle adjustment works has they should. The problem i have is if the idle is set around the 1200-1250 rpm region from time to time the bike cuts out when idling. Having the idle set nearer the 1500 rpm the bikes revs will suddenly...
  10. Varadero
    Hi. i have this known problem of clutch noise/knocking/rattleing on idle and when you pull the clutch the noise stops. so i read that this was fixed by changing the bearing?..question is where is this bearing ??? mine is 2004 ABS . the mileage is not correct but i assume it should be
  11. Varadero
    Hi all, Does anyone know if a carb from a 125 Shadow will fit a 125 Varadero? As I can't get a Varadero from any where. I have checked part nos and shadow is 16102-kgb-d11 and Varadero is 16102=kpc-d21. The only difference in looking at them is the idle screw. Thanks.
  12. Varadero
    Hi all, Is there a easyer way to set the mixture on a 125cc? Going by haynes screw the pilot screw it in until it seats then back out 2 3/4 turns then adjust to find highest consistent idle speed then screw back in to drop idle speed 50 rpm then back out 3/4. And you need a rev counter with...
  13. Africa Twin
    Hello guys, I've recentely got myself a 1997 Africa Twin, which had been standing still for about 3 years but would start fine. I brough it over to the garage to have it checked and 'refreshed' - but now everytime I start the bike up with the choke fully engaged it revs to about 4000 rpm. It...
  14. XR
    Got a freinds 2006 XR125L keeps cutting out hot or cold sometimes it will restart sometimes not. Yesterday I removed the carb took all the jets and airscrew out then 8 mins in my ultrasonic cleaner Put it all back together air screw 2 turns out it still cuts out I had it running at about 2000...
  15. XR
    Just bought a decent XR500r, it runs great but the throttle is very touchy or sensitive off idle. Any suggestions?
  16. Dominator / FMX
    Had my 1990 domi back from the mechanic last week with a full service and new MOT ( 1st one since 1993 ) Taxed online and away to go. First spin was over the Cray to Sennybridge for a coffee and then back home through Llandovery. I cruised between 50 and 60 and took her up to 70 briefly and came...
  17. Transalp
    Hi guys new transalp 650 06 plate owner here... I have a rattle coming from what sounds like the clutch housing area... it only happens when the bike is in neutral and being revved.. she's idling nice and quiet but when you rev I can here a rattle when you the revs are coming down after closing...
  18. Varadero
    Hello , quick question here i don't use the bike so often so i try to run the engine once a week. if i leave it for 15 mins running in idle the fan works. is that normal ? the coolant level is Ok and same for the oil what should i check ? vara 2004 ABS
  19. Dominator / FMX
    I am still having a problem getting my carb set up right. Jnr arrived today with a couple of plugs for me and I had charged the battery up. A couple of days ago I put a thinnner washer under the carb needle and screwed the idle jet screw so its only 1.5 turns out. I took the bike for spin and...
  20. Varadero
    Hello , In my 2004 ABS Vara the idle speed was around 1000. i read in the manual it should be 1.2 ..So i adjusted it almost up to the 1st mark after the 1 in the gauge using the screw on the right so its 1.25 or less.. but i feel it's too high?? is it sounds high or there is something wrong...
1-20 of 94 Results