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  1. XL
    This bike i bought new in 1986 sold to my brother in 1987 he never rode it gave it back to me in July this year with 2300 miles when i sold it to him it had 1800 miles it has always had idling problems. This is what i did to fix it could not adjust pilot screw blocked at factory this is a Ca...
  2. Africa Twin
    Finally got my AT (RD04) back from the mot guy, its been standing for a year in a shed near manchester, starts first time, idles normally when cold but after 10 miles or so (when its hot), the bugger revs constantly at 3500 rpm... Its driving me crazy! Before i start pulling it apart could...
  3. Africa Twin
    Have a problem which doesn't seem to correspond to any of the many earlier threads on idling problems... (unless I missed somehting, there's a lot of discussion on it!) Idle is OK on the choke - normal fast idle at about 2500rpm. But when the engine is warm enough that it should idle without...
1-3 of 3 Results