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  1. Africa Twin
    Hi! It seems my tacho is showing the RPM wrong. When idling at ~1000rpm, the tacho stays at 0 and just vibrates slightly. As soon as I open the throttle it moves upwards quickly, but doesn't catch up properly until around 4-5000 rpm. Any ideas what may be causing this? I think it's always been...
  2. Transalp
    Guys I have just landed in Germany and picked up my 01 alp. I have no idea which way the choke lever is for on and off. It seems to make no difference to the idle speed. I think off is away from the rider and on is pull towards the rider?? Given there is also a petrol smell when the bike is...
  3. Africa Twin
    Now its probably me just being anal and not knowing these bikes, but do the gearboxes chatter when idling. It goes away when I engage gear, so its either the gearbox or cluch? What are the release bearings like on these?
  4. Africa Twin
    please remove mods, double posted. Cheers
  5. Africa Twin
    My AT has the following problem. It the rpm doesnt drop below 2000 when at operating temprature.I have done the following to try and resolve this: cleaned the carbs, balanced the carbs, removed chokes checked and cleaned, adjusted the mixture and turned out the idling control completely still no...
  6. Africa Twin
    Finally got my AT (RD04) back from the mot guy, its been standing for a year in a shed near manchester, starts first time, idles normally when cold but after 10 miles or so (when its hot), the bugger revs constantly at 3500 rpm... Its driving me crazy! Before i start pulling it apart could...
  7. Mechanical Advice
    I have had idling problem after my previous accident. The bike does not stay at idling but the rave is going up and down making a difference of 500rpm. Is the problem the plugs or the carburettor?? thanks.
  8. Africa Twin
    My AT recently begun the idling problem where the rave is never idle, goes up n down making a difference between highest and lowest 500 rpm. Is the problem plugs or the carburetter? plz help.
  9. Africa Twin
    Hi all,, Now after about a month of getting all sorted on my RD04, new Ohlin's backshock, new Scorch exhaust, seat etc, etc....... I took her for her first "stroll" on Saturday and all was well loads of power, quick acceleration.......was very chafed with myself for a job well done... :D:D:D...
  10. Africa Twin
    whole new idling problem with the AT :cry: This happened quite suddenly. The bike hasn't been serviced at all, but I did need to move the airbox a bit (not right off, just shoved aside a bit) to get access to fit the new ignition switch. Symptoms: - runs fine in normal riding - when I...
  11. Africa Twin
    Have a problem which doesn't seem to correspond to any of the many earlier threads on idling problems... (unless I missed somehting, there's a lot of discussion on it!) Idle is OK on the choke - normal fast idle at about 2500rpm. But when the engine is warm enough that it should idle without...
1-11 of 11 Results