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    Enfield 500 with extras scrambler seat and rack and sports exhaust ! 2005 , 3800 miles on sorn mot lovely condition just seen another bike for my wife so if we can sell this in time pic's taken today , ignore the seat and rear shocks as these are fitted to lower by 2" for wife I will refit...
  2. Travel
    Nicked this from a Guzzi forum. Worth a watch just to see the dozy berks who ignore road signs. Enjoy! Les The Toughest Bridge in the World | Adask's law
  3. Travel
    Just come back from France where not one Biker wore reflective anything. As I'm going there soon on the bike I was expecting to have to wear reflective jacket or some sort of stripy thing. I thought there was a new law. Does anyone know the rules and if there is a law, do they just ignore it?
  4. Chatter
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEBS !!! :occasion8: :occasion7::occasion5::occasion1::occasion9::occasion6::occasion4: Second time I've spotted a birthday ever.......Have a good one......Try to ignore the Hun...:-D
1-4 of 7 Results