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  1. Brake question

    Africa Twin
    Has anyone gone down to a single disc on their rd04 using standard lever and master cylinder a braided hose and single standard caliper? Apart from the impact on braking will this work?
  2. Game pie

    Dominator / FMX
    Couldn't really decide on the style of front mudguard I wanted on the tracker as the mounting points are not very universal and I had trimmed the original but didn't really like it . Tonight the issue has been solved thanks to a pheasant:thumbright: Luckily i saw it at the last second so I was...
  3. Clutch centre nut removal -ugh

    Africa Twin
    I've read around here on this. I tried the other day and only broke the ratchet of my socket set. Then I got a socket bar and tried again - can't budge the bas****. I used a long bar extension too. I tried to get an electric impact wrench but could only find air driven ones for sale. There is...
  4. Removing barrel/cylinder

    Dominator / FMX
    I have taken the head off my dommie engine and removed the four bolts that hold the cylinder in place, I had to use an impact driver on one of them as the bolt head was rounded off. I have removed the two 8mm nuts but the barrel wont budge. Is there any nut between the starter motor housing and...
  5. My trip to auschwitz

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Hi Guys did this trip solo in the summer, somewhere I had always wanted to go, I had around 10 days no real plans just a end place. took 3 days to get there and at a real push 2 days back I must say Poland was great next I need more time there, a great part of Europe. I'm so rubbish at reports...
  6. Recommend me a camera case

    I'm looking for a small case / bag to protect the camera in transit when I just want to take it fitted with 135mm lens. I already have a bag that's big enough to carry most of my gear but it takes up half the topbox of the bike so I was thinking of something much smaller that I can use to...
  7. Neglected transalp

    Hello everyone, This is my first post so please go easy on me! I got my 2000 650 transalp (he’s called Troy) last November and he had been severely neglected. He had been sitting on his own in a garage for over 5 years, what a waste…. This neglect has obviously had an impact on almost every...
  8. Public libraries again...

    Yes, I know I'm always banging on about them, but i felt compelled to repost this contribution to a discussion forum to which i am subscribed for work purposes. It concerns the impact of PL closures on elderly people in rural Gloucestershire and the official response: "We in Gloucestershire...
  9. Sold: Africa Twin 07 front forks, yolks and bar clamps.

    For Sale / Wanted
    Having a bit of a clear out and found these tucked away, they came off the donor bike for Insomnia, complete top yolks, steering stem etc plus the bar clamps with original bolts and the fork legs. Straight and true, no impact damage and no leaks from the seals. Asking £75 plus postage at cost.
  10. Farcall's RD07A Re-build in Oz

    Africa Twin
    I bought this rare beast in April 2012 from an Oz advrider inmate from Brisbane. Brisbane is approx 4500kms away so I had to roll the dice on its true condition by purchasing over the net without eyeballing it. The AT was never sold in Oz... big mistake there Honda-san. Previous owner dropped...
  11. Derbyshire South Yorks TRF -Anti TRO Protests

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Further protest days organised. See below. To all Derbyshire and South Yorkshire TRF Members Past and Present, As you are probably aware, 27 primary Byways in the Peak Park are under threat of closure by TROs and we, along with the 4x4 and other groups, are holding a series of peaceful...
  12. The Daily Commute

    I've no idea if this will take off but following on from a thread that Whealie started where the last few posts have been pictures of the days commute. So, how was your commute today? Anything worth taking a picture of? I'll start the ball rolling (if it's going to roll at all that is!) This...
  13. Crashbar test

    Africa Twin
    :thumbup:Has anybody else noticed the big grin you get as a result of a good descision that you made , owned my @ for a couple of years now and from the moment i first had it i wanted a set of crash bars , looked around at what was available and didnt fancy the cheaper sets that are around as...
  14. Brakes won't release

    This is odd. I have a new/used 2008 Varadero with ABS. It runs great on the highway. However, twice now the same issue has cropped up. Yesterday, riding home from the mall, it happened at a stop light. I stopped for the light, but when the light changed and I started to go, the brake would not...
  15. African Queens 43 litre PA Tank - anyone got one? ... and painted it?

    Africa Twin
    G'day from Oz! Would be great to see some pics if someone has one of these. (sorry, I can't seem link directly to the product). It is made of PA6. I've got a hunch that PA is more durable...
  16. Xl250S newb! Elec questions & front mudguard

    Hey there gents. Forgive me from posting from far out of country but this seems to be one of the only active XL forums I can find. Just acquired myself a rather cosmetically beat-up '81 XL250S, but it runs great for the age. I love it, feels like it could climb vertical faces and then ask for...
  17. rd07a engine strip & rebuild (4stroke virgin)

    Africa Twin
    2nd gear started a slight rattle in Nov, local shop said "dont worry". As its my only transport/vice... I DO!!!! So, as someone mentioned that gaskets/parts could take a while to source... i ordered oem, 5 weeks later & still no sign. GOOD ADVICE!!!! Didn't strip mine, so i still ride but skip...
  18. Help pin stuck in rear calliper

    Africa Twin
    Started to change the rear pads on my 95 AT and cant get the pin out of the calliper. Tried soaking it in penetrating fluid, impact driver'd it, then subsequently found out someone has had the same issue before and damaged the slot, filled it with chemical metal and cut a new slot which of...
  19. Clutch Change 1982 XL 125

    Well I eventually summoned up the courage to change the clutch on my ancient 125 XL. Although the last time I did such a job was in the early sixties, I thought just how difficult can it be? Well all was going well until I encountered the three screws on the centrifugal oil filter cover. Now...