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  1. Imported TA insurance?

    Hi all, This is my first post, so please let me know if it is in the wrong place! I am looking at importing a TA from France, via a friend of mine. Will this massively affect the price of insurance? If I save £500 on getting it here and taxing / registering it, will I end up paying that anyway...
  2. Found: Importing a used bike from Italy to the UK

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all, This is my first post on here (this might be in the wrong forum) but i am looking for some guidance / experience. As the title suggests i am looking to import a used bike from Italy. Has anyone done this before that could give me an idea of the costs and the time process of the...
  3. Wanted: Africa Twin in Canada

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi there, I'm looking for a XRV750 somewhere in Canada. If anyone knows of one for sale please contact me. Importing is costly and difficult but do-able. I'm located in Vancouver BC but willing to travel or ship from other provinces thanks
  4. Date of manufacture letter

    Africa Twin
    This summer in will be importing my RD03 into the U.S. I can't find any information on obtaining a date of manufacture letter from Honda. Has anyone done this?
  5. 1,5 mm Aluminium boxes

    Africa Twin
    Hi I have been looking for some aluminium boxes to Mount to my givi-luggage-rek I found some (at Bauhaus here in Norway), but they are only 1,5mm thick. And really cheap, around 50 euro a piece. Do you think that 1,5mm is to thin and they will crack as soon as i go of-road, or should it be...
  6. greek sales website with lots of AT's

    Africa Twin
    ΜεταχειÏ�ισμÎ*να Honda ΜοτοσυκλÎ*τες - πώληση - IT is a valid link, just showing some funny letters. Ok, it is Greece, but there are lots of AT's there at seemingly good prices. You might need google translate but if someone is after a bike, whats better...
  7. Importing a bike from Germany

    Hi everyone , i have spoke to DVLA regarding importing a bike from Germany and they advised speaking to customs also .I am now posting as i would be greatfull to hear from anyone on the forum who has done this as personal experience is in my opinion invaluable . Ideally i would purchase and...
  8. RD03 speedo an headlights

    Africa Twin
    I'm in the process of preparing my RD03 for UK spec and am looking for option for the headlights and KPH speedo. I've scoured the net for MPH RD04 clocks with no luck as well as early RD04 headlights. I've considered trying to find a speedo overlay sticker with no luck either. I've got the...
  9. Crf250l silencer

    CRF - New Forum!
    Had my bike for a couple of months now and time to get an aftermarket silencer. Anyone on here got one and if so, where from? I have thought about importing from America, but what additional charges are there? Anyone like to comment? Many thanks John
  10. SBS Brake pads

    Africa Twin
    I'm importing brake pads for my RD07 2000 model I've got SBS in mind, the part no according to the salesman is 694 RSI front and 614LS rear, can any one confirm that this will be the right pads for my bike? I would appreciate any help
  11. Bringing Africa Twin into US from Mexico

    Africa Twin
    I ran into and ultimately bought a '95 Africa Twin while in Mexico. Seems to be in great shape with a little over 50K on the clock. Great riding bike and fun to explore Mexico. Would like to spend some money on suspension and such, but need to know if I can take it back to the States when I...
  12. their can be only one

    2008 kawasaki klr650 , big K stopped importing the klr 650 in 2002 into the UK , after they said their was no market for duel sport motorcycles in the UK , while the rest of the world got the bike we had to do without , well ive been luck and found this its the only 2008 in the UK
  13. Importing xr650

    Hi all, I used to own an XL600R many moons ago and am feeling the urge to ride again. I have been looking at XR650r's in the UK, not many about and ideally I would like a key ignition, steering lock, lights, indicators, mirrors and most of all an electric start which the R's do not come with...
  14. Importing xr to france

    Im just trying to import my xr to france - have been told by honda france that I need to fit indicators to bike - but when i check out french xrs none seem to have indicators - is anyone aware if indcators were fitted as standard to european models or are honda france just being difficult. Also...
  15. Importing an RD03

    Africa Twin
    Having been a fly on the wall of your forum for the past few days, I have been very impressed by the detailed knowledge of many of the contributors so I felt that I had better come forward and make my first entry. Since the RD03 was never officially imported into the UK they are obviously a bit...
  16. Importing a bike from France to The UK

    I have a friend who wants to import a bike they own in France (Varadero 125) to the UK for use as a winter hack. It's in great nick and is fairly new - although can not be classed as brand new. I know there are / is a mutual agreement when it comes to applying for a license however I'm not up...
  17. Importing a Transalp

    Hi new to the forum, I'm after buying a Transalp but they to be fairly hard to get here where as in Europe there are loads and great prices and I travel a lot with my job so picking one up would be easy. Has any one imported a bike before, what are the procedures, registering etc ? Do I have...
  18. Importing Africa twin to the U.S.

    Africa Twin
    Well I have been riding my Africa twin around Southern Africa and South America for the last 11 months and now I would like to take it home with me. The only problem is that it appears it is going to cost me thousands of dollars to import it. Does anyone have any advise or has anyone done this...
  19. Importing @ Australia

    Not sure if this is the correct forum but here goes! My 03 @ is reluctantly for sale on this site, to complicate matters I have just been offered the chance of a job in Perth Australia.Could any one offer any advice as to importing a bike into Oz? I understand it has become more difficult for...