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  1. Africa Twin
    HONDA VARADERO 750CC AFRICA TWIN ENGINE ( M.O.D IMPORTS FROM CYPRUS | eBay someones confused me thinks:rolleyes:
  2. XR
    Hi ,just hopeing for some advice,i have bought a xr650r after previously having a xr400 .The problem i have is that the revs go up quite a lot on tickover and i have to blip the throttle to bring them down ,it seems to do it all the time on tickover .Any advice would be appreciated. Just one...
  3. Other Bikes
    Hi Guys, I would like your thoughts, please. I am in the market for a Yamaha wr250f I have found, on bay, a brand spanking, 2009 model, from an independent dealer in Wales, for well under the market price. The reason it's so cheap, so he tells me, is that it's an American import. I get no...
  4. Africa Twin
    I have just bought a 1999 Africa Twin in black / silver. Lord Vader just posted this on my other thread. Is it likely to be an import and how do I tell? Re: Buying an Africa Twin Just a thought.Did they ever bring the Black/Silver ones into this country?I think it might be a import in...
  5. Dominator / FMX
    Seen a couple of import Dommies, low mileage, good condition. Anything in particular I need to know about these imported bikes. Cheers :thumbleft:
  6. Africa Twin
    Got my V5 from dvla the other day after registering my 1998 AT which came from Italy. Bought it from a guy who bought it in Italy and brought it back a few years ago. Anyway also got a vat demand from C&E they want £1476 vat on the vehicle they think has a value of £8830..I phoned them and they...
1-6 of 6 Results