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  1. Opinion and Advice....

    Hi, New member to this group as I was looking for some advice and this looked like the best place to get it :-) I'm interested in this 1987 Transalp...
  2. Alp de-catted at last.

    Finally got around to getting the cat converter removed and straight through pipe fitted on my 2008 700.I've left the standard Honda silencer in place, will think about changing it later. First impressions after a 20 miles test ride?Not that much difference. Possibly picks up a little bit...
  3. My new Versys 1000

    Mine and the white 2013 model I test rode a few weeks ago to show you how different they look. Back to my new one. First impressions to follow as I find out more about it.
  4. Transalp 700 - Rear Brake Pedal Adjustment

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi Folks A bit of advice sought and at the same time provide some feedback on a new farkle. I recently purchased the following SW Motech footpegs for my TA. they are, in usual German fashion, well made and fit perfectly, taking a few minutes to fit. They have 2 height settings - original and...
  5. Robens Voyager 3EX

    Product Reviews
    Since I sold my Kyamm I been looking for a replacement tent which is lighter and packs smaller. I thought the Coleman Phat 3 would do the job but it turns out I am about 2 inch to tall for the tent. Ticks all the boxes regarding pack size and weight but I push the inner onto the outer tent with...
  6. For Sale: Corbin Seat for Africa Twin

    For Sale / Wanted
    Corbin seat in good condition. No rips or tears. Some 'impressions' on the seat as some stuff placed on top of it in the garage which will dissappear when in use. Seat is more comfy that OE seat and also reduces seat height by and inch or 2 £120 plus P&P. Allow £20 for UK P&P and I'll refund...
  7. DR 650- first impressions

    Hi all, anyone got some useful insights into a DR 650? all day comfort, stiing on a motorway, economy, robust in a drop, quality of finish, all that kind of thing would help. Thanks
  8. Russ two cylinders....

    watch out for Russ's comments at 3.50 minutes.....sounds like the sort of comments I'd make.... Super Tenere - First Impressions - YouTube
  9. 700 Fuel tank

    Hi, New to Honda's and new to Transalps, I have a 2010 700, first impressions, I love the bike, I mean its better than any other bike I've had! Just a question or 2, How big is the Tank? I see it is 17 1/2 litres, this cant include the reserve as yesterday I put in 18 1/2 litres in! Any...
  10. Honda CRF250L - first impressions

    CRF - New Forum!
    Hi all, Yesterday I had a chance to try out the CRF250L and i was waiting to see how it fares compared to my XR400. First comment is: I am impressed!!! Yes its not as powerfull as the XR, but it handled the very wet lanes with ease. On road handling is fine and the tyres work ok. 6 speed box is...
  11. ITT 2012 is back in Greece

    Dear Transalpers, Since the previous European ITT (International Transalp Treffen) 2008 in our country in Parga, 3 years have elapsed. The high participation and impressions of our visitors, was the best reward for the people who have worked out this event and one strong motive to arrange...
  12. Initial Impressions of the New Forum??

    I thought I'd ask the question to guage reaction, and test the poll function is working OK. QUESTION: What are your first impressions of the new forum? :toothy6:
  13. First Impressions of new (to me) TA650 Photos and some questions

    Hi All, Here are some comments on my new purchase a 2007 650 Transalp. I have a few general questions at the bottom if anyone can enlighten me! I got the TA to replace my KLR650 Cmodel which was stolen. Comming straight from the KLR most of my comments are a comparsion against it. Prior to the...
  14. First Impressions of my 700 TA v V-Strom

    Well, I've had my TA for a week now and done my commute to London from the Island. These are my first impressions - if I'm wrong in any of this, no doubt I'll be corrected! I came from a V-Strom 650 which I had got when I downsized from a series of BM GSs. I'm very fond of V-Stroms and reckon...
  15. First impressions of my AT

    Africa Twin
    Well I am pleased to say that I am rather impressed with the AT. It surges rather than accelarates, in leans rather than corners. You waft along rather than ride and you sink into the seat rather than sit. Admittedly I have come off a KTM supermoto but even so! The quality of the finish on the...
  16. Impressions of Dartmoor and the Plume

    last weekend was my first visit to the place. It's really lovely if it's nice if the weather's not nice it's bloody horrible. There's a blanket 40mph speed limit across the moor, that's if you can see that far.:( The Plume is a pleasant pub. Cracking beer, the foods ok but not particularly...
  17. First Impressions after the first 700 odd miles in 2 days

    Well,where to start I am not going to tell you about how stunning the weather was in Scotland cause wee jack would need to buy a new Helmet.:D I am not going to say that the road suggested by robster and others was brill;):D:thumb::thumb: A bit about the bike The GSA is my 3rd big tourer. A...
  18. My new vara first impressions

    :thumbleft: :thumbleft: :thumbleft: Right boss is gone so i can at last wright a bit Still not connected at home so all this is done during work hours which is also the reason there are no pics yet of my bike.Well only the once richie posted in the wales ride report. Where to start? I've got...
  19. Initial Impressions

    Dominator / FMX
    Well i have been using my "new" dommie for a few days now and the fazer has gone away for the winter well what remains of it. Theres a few things i do like about the bike and a few i dont The good 1 brilliant riding position can see above traffic so is a great for commuting 2 the sound its a...
  20. First impressions

    Other Bikes
    Suppose I better post in here now. :mrgreen: Back to back impression of the AT to the GS. Wanted to jot my thoughts down to see if they change after the honeymoon period. The GS is more comfortable, not significantly, but I did a 3 hour trip without stopping which would have been (to me)...