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  1. XR
    To improve starting, I'd like to take the carb back to the original (UK) settings. I have a manual showing Main Jet 142 and Slow Jet 52. However, the manual appears to be for USA models. Would UK models have been fitted with the same jets?
  2. XR Technical Specs
    To improve starting, I'd like to take the carb back to the original (UK) settings. I have a manual showing Main Jet 142 and Slow Jet 52. However, the manual appears to be for USA models. Would UK models have been fitted with the same jets?
  3. Africa Twin
    Hi all ,just had enough time today to remove the chain guard from its mould i think it came out pretty good but it is the 1st one so i am sure it will improve.hope you like it as i hope to make more..
  4. Transalp
    Hi guys, been a tad windy today. Gust took out an oak in the field and also blew bike over onto car. Bugger. Now is there an aftermarket tank to improve range? Any options. Will a 650 tank fit? If not anyone got a decent tank? I await your wise words☺️
  5. Transalp
    1989 TA 600, 55,000 miles. I ride in London, so it's pot hole and speed hump heavy, the bike seems to to have developed harsh front suspension, it really crashes and bangs over the bumps, almost like it's not soaking up the bumps like it used to (unless the potholes have got worse) Would...
  6. Africa Twin
    My RD07A passed its MOT yesterday but the tester asked how the brakes were when riding. It passed on the rollkng road but maybe after all those Alpine hairpins it deserves some TLC :) So I was thinking braided lines and a full fluid change. What lines have peeps used? Ta chucks :) John
  7. XR
    anyone have any idea on how to improve the stopping power on the rear brake ???
  8. Travel
    The Carpathian 2 Wheels Guide project is going further and we need your help!!! We want to know your preferences when it comes to traveling on a motorcycle. The questions from the form below will help us to improve our future products in such a way they will answer your every need. Please...
  9. XR
    Hi guys has anyone found a way to improve the honda rear brake? I have recently downgraded from an xr400 to an xr250 and on both bikes the rear brake was poor,I've had it all apart cleaned it and fitted honda pads but its still the same.The pedal is nice and firm but needs a lot off push before...
  10. I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi Guys! New to the site, haven't posted and introduced my self yet. Im Pete! Iv'e currently got a XRV650 and looking to improve the suspension sometime soon. Be sure to throw some ideas at me ;) Pete
  11. Transalp
    I have a TA650 and have owned TAs most of the time since the early 90s because they suit me and they do most things well. I have not ridden the new CB500X but the impresson from the posts on many websites is they appear to be the new Transalp relative to the new Africa. They appear to be capable...
  12. Transalp
    Hi, i was going to buy a Leo vince de cat pipe, but after thinking about it why not just remove the cat/ collector box and weld a piece of pipe in. I was going to keep the stock silencer and add a O2 sensor eliminator? Has anybody tried this ? If so dose it improve performance and sound.:rolleyes:
  13. For Sale / Wanted
    ok here goes im after uprating my back shocker on my 96 africa twin.its not .broke or damaged in anyway just wonderd if a new shock was worth considering to improve ride for road and when loaded.any advice excepted and if any one interestead iv just had a call from nitro {giles) 556 all in with...
  14. Africa Twin
    Hi, I want to improve my RD03 headlight. Unfortunatelly I have BA21D bulbs so I am not safe riding by night. I want to mount H4 bulb and I know the RD04 headlight is Ok for RD03, but ... can I mount a RD07 headlight in my bike?. Thanks
  15. For Sale / Wanted
    I have this idea that I could stiffen up a standard ta600 swinging arm to improve handling when 2 up and fully laden (its a bit vague to say the least, all bearings etc are in good order). Anyway what I need is a disc brake swinging arm to fit a 1994 xl600vr (I think all years with disc will...
  16. Off Topic Lounge
    I need to have a Transalp 650 rear shock rebuilt, with a new spring. Would like seals etc done at same time, new oil, new gas etc. Anybody got a suggested dealer for this work? Need to improve how it acts in really bumpy off-road stuff to improve my placings!! Should be in a postion to send...
  17. Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Hi, Any members near Market Deeping up for some gentle green laning? Novice laner with T/A 650 keen to improve!
  18. Africa Twin
    So I'm purchasing the last of the goodies for my RD04 rebuild, here it is before the accident/rebuild, what else would you consider a useful/important addition other than a pair of pannier racks at rear and a set of TKC80's????? All suggestions greatly appreciated
  19. Transalp
    HI, i've had my TA 650 for over a year now and done a lot of upgrades for trails and touring and I love the bike but the one area I'd really like to improve is the screen. I'm 6'1" and get a lot of buffeting. I tried the taller touring screen from David Silver but that made things worse! I had...
  20. XR
    Hi, anyone got any advice on how to improve the handling of an XR 400 ...fed up with the front end being so soft Thanks Adam..
1-20 of 36 Results