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  1. Transalp 600 rally upgrades

    Hello gentleman, I have picked up old 600 with good motor 55000 miles on the clock really cheap with intentions to build up myself rally bike for fun. Everything is tired on the bike, so looking for advises of improving or replacing forks and rear shock. Any advice welcome. Plan for this bike...
  2. Ivan_replica_transalp_600

    Just found this beauty for you Transalp owners, don't get to excited as it is over 2600 euro and forks not included... New body kit to the TRANSALP 600 little sister of the Africa Twin RD04 !! We re-designed the entire bike to make it even easier to handle and fun to drive both on road and...
  3. Open consultation: Improving moped and motorcycle training

    Africa Twin Give your views by Friday 17 February 2017.
  4. Open consultation: Improving moped and motorcycle training

    Transalp Give your views by Friday 17 February 2017.
  5. Open consultation: Improving moped and motorcycle training

    Summary: Changes to moped and motorcycle training to make sure newly-qualified riders are better prepared for riding on modern roads. Should motorcyclists be able to upgrade their licence to ride larger bikes by taking a training course, instead of having to take more tests ? Give your views...
  6. Experience on improving carburation on RD07

    Africa Twin
    My 1996 RD07a runs a Remus Revolution muffler and I never experienced the bike with the stock muffler. Therefore I can't compare. The engine is healthy at 66,000km, burns no oil and I average 5l/100km (and even sometimes less on backroads). Sparkplug are grey-ish, not beige-ish ;-) Therefore I...
  7. Mods for an XL700

    Hi, Are there any mods to improve the 700 TA such as air box, flapper valve, pair valves? I did some minor changes on these on my VFR800 and it made quite a difference. Currently I'm working on improving the screen by moving forwards and up, I might look at some wings to push the air out a...
  8. New Bikesure competition

    Competitions / Trials
    So guys and girls, the start of the bike season is here, the weather is improving by the day (touch wood!) and it’s time to get the bike out and make it sparkle ready for the summer ride-outs. Here at Flux towers, we thought what better way to prepare you other than to give away a fantastic...
  9. Today's Bealach Pic

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Taking the scenic Gairloch - Edinburgh route, really enjoyed the dry singletrack roads after 'biblical' Friday and 'gradually improving' Saturday. Well worth the hour or so's diversion (particularly with new-found confidence in the twisties courtesy Mr Ric Or & his Intiminators!) :)
  10. Suspension upgrade

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi all, I have seen several threads about improving the suspension of the Dominator but most of them are old. For the rear shock I have seen basically: Wilbers, Hagon, Hyperpro and Ohlins (not really and option for price) For the front suspension I have seen progressive springs from Hyperpro...
  11. NOW FOUND : Africa twin rd04 - north east uk

    Africa Twin
    Got up late yesterday and found shed empty - some f**k has stolen my beloved RD04 :( Sick as a chip. I had a sh*t year last year (father passed away after a terrible prolonged illness) and I was looking forward to getting away on the bike to clear my head now the weather is improving, so this...
  12. Speed cameras sabotaged by.......

    ..... Police! Well, it is in France - French Police sabotage speed cameras. Apparently, the Police officers are concerned about their quota system and that French policy is "financial profitability rather than actually improving the safety of road users." Now, where have I heard that before...
  13. Improving handling on XR 400

    Hi, anyone got any advice on how to improve the handling of an XR 400 ...fed up with the front end being so soft Thanks Adam..
  14. Austins Adventures - wind, rain, the Scottish Isles, whisky & rough ferry crossings!!

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Austins Adventures - wind, rain, the Scottish Isles, whisky & rough ferry crossings!! What an Adventure! I set off last Monday (24/9), the plan was to meet Paul (Bimbler) mid morning for a nice steady run through the Dales & Dumfries & Galloway & stay on his boat Monday evening in...
  15. HyperPro....or not ??

    Africa Twin RD07a is on the original suspension from new, but i'm thinking of improving things. i'm off to morocco near the end of october, but most of the riding will be road biased with a bit of offroading thrown in for good measure !! my question is this, it worth spending the money on...
  16. Scottish Motor Cycle Show

    Heads up Scottish Motorcycle Show - MCN Scottish Motorcycle Show It did not receive good reviews here last year, lets hope they have put some work into improving it.
  17. Improving the headlight

    What suggestions are there for getting better light out of a 700 headlight? I'm looking at how to improve my view now the evenings have drawn in as I'm not overly impressed with the lights on my commute. I've thought about HID lights, but are they legal? I've heard a few people say that they...
  18. improving my offroad skills

    do you guys know of any videos/dvds/books i can use to improve my offroad skills. there is no such thing as an offroad school here, and i would like to scientifically improve my abilities and know why certain techniques work and others dont... R.
  19. Ive got an at after 13yrs of needs improving

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, well finally after seeing an "at" for the first time 13yrs ago in exeter ive got one and love it. different world to my dominator and tenere (6 litres of oil getting to barcelona and back in the rain) :( im still at that stage were you have a look over your shoulder when your walking...
  20. Improving a Dominator, part I - Hydraulic clutch

    Dominator / FMX
    Improving a Dominator // but first, fixing it! After taking my dommie for some serious offroading, I decided it's time to move on to something more dirt-friendly. So the good ol' NX will be kept as a city & gravel bike. That's how my project starts. Over the next months, depending on available...