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  1. For Sale: EXO2 Stormrider Heated Vest

    For Sale / Wanted
    Size large, hardly used, just taking up space in a drawer. Needs a good home and some use New ones on Ebay at upto £170 !!! Offers around £70 incl UK postage PM me
  2. For Sale: Kappa K49 top Box

    For Sale / Wanted
    Kappa K49 top box in black, Monokey system with both keys in excellent condition. 30 months old. £100 incl delivery within UK. Stickers can be removed if you wish.
  3. For Sale: Still got bits to sell

    For Sale / Wanted
    (PM) what you're interested - sales don't always work out! All bits from an RD07. See here Frame + swing arm + log book + plate + MOT + new chain Used 145 Rear Undertray incl battery cover Used 15 Rear sprocket carrier, 1000mile rear...
  4. Here we go again!......TYRES

    Anyone heard of or used Mitas E 08 Road King tyres before? I've got the standard rear Trailwing 120/90 on my TA at the mo', but need to replace it. Thought I'd try a 130/80 Mitas E 08 Road King, but I have no knowledge of them. They look alright on the interweb and less than £52 (incl VAT &...
  5. of to do battle with Halfords :-)

    right i bought the other day a zumo online from Halfords.When it arrived and i opend the box i thought i had some parts missing:(.Phoned customer service on Saturday which where actually very helpfull and i also did not have to hold on for longer than maybe a minute or two.Unfortunatly the lady...
  6. 7 months of snow, mud n sand

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Yup, now back in dear old Blighty, if you want to read up on AT exploits zipping through 27 1/2 countries, then check out our blog on .... incl a nice pic of the bike in a pile o' mud! Happy riding y'all DBG
  7. Help needed

    As some of you know Debs dad suffered from cancer and sadly he died on Wednesday morning.:(We are in the middle of our second move and i have done most of it today but can not do to much tomorrow as it is deb's Birthday and that will not be a Happy one so we just doing the Family thing. As deb's...
  8. Got it... Ride it... the new Transalp 700!

    Nicely parked behind both Dero's we have a guest staying over for the next week! Karinda picked our brand new (only 100 mls / 160 km on the ODO) XL700V Transalp up from the Dutch Honda Importer near Amsterdam last monday (Nov. 12th) and drove the bike back home to Groningen that evening (250...
  9. Army Enduro Rally - 18-20 May 2007

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    The opportunity has arisen for me to take part in Exercise Enduring Help - a 24hr endurance Enduro (teams of 4). It is an event in which one of the main aims is to raise money for the following charities: Childline St Dunstan's Army Benevolent Fund I will be riding an Army Harley Davidson...
  10. Romatec Alloy Parts

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    hi all I have spent a fair bit with this company but see the attached reply to an enquiry for bits.......... buy now enjoy I have fitted all the below to my bike and all are of excellent quality 3mm thick adonised alloy the list below refers to, chain guard (upper), chain guide (lower), left...
  11. Replacement Throttle Position Sensor (TPS)

    Africa Twin
    Hi - does anyone know where I can find one of these - I think that mine is not well anymore, but can't find any local suppliers (incl Honda..!).
  12. Winter storage

    Dominator / FMX
    Well that's definately it for another season :cry: Left it one ride late and it shows. Here in Norway the highways dept are pdq in salting the roads at the first sign of ice, and I'd ridden the following day when the roads were wet. Talk about a rust attack :evil: So, tonight the pots came...
  13. Happy Customer.

    Would just like to say a big thanks to all the guys at in Leatherhead for excellent service and great price today. I paid £75.00 incl HOC membership discount for a Metzler Tourance 120/90/17 for my TA. This was ride in ride out. A bunch of very friendly guys who also own bikes and...
  14. New stuff

    Dominator / FMX
    Well, I lost out by about 10 seconds on the Acerbis tank I saw on eBay Spain, but I have just received my JF Motorsport engine bars - bought them off German eBay for €65 incl. delivery (£44). I'll fit them tomorrow, weather permitting as I have no garage, and post some pics up. I'm doing well...
  15. Order placed for discounted Alpine MotoSafe earplugs

    A chance to get Official XRV.ORG Recommended [tm] earplugs at 33% off :D This is copied from here as it occurred to me that I wouldn't get much attention from people who want a deal on earplugs by burying the post at the end of a thread about helmets :oops: Sound advice (no pun intended)...
  16. GIVI Crash Bars

    Ordered them before Christmas (before i fell off and damaged my fairing). They arrived today and iwent straight out when i got home to put them on. The instructions that came with them were crap , so i did a web search and found some good instructions. Took about 30 mins to put on and all fit...
  17. Whats in the toolkit, and what would you add?

    Africa Twin
    Hi there! Bought my secondhand @ in November last year, but didn't get the standard toolkit with the purchase. :cry: I am now busy compiling a toolkit to chuck under the seat. :shock: Can any give me an idea on what the standard kit contained (incl sizes etc.) ? :?: What would you add to...
  18. Clunky Transmission

    Africa Twin
    When changing gear (up and down in all gears) I have noticed the noise is getting increasingly worse with an added jolt. This is obviously not normal and, as a complete mechanical novice: 1. Any ideas what's wrong? 2. Is is repairable or do I need a new gearbox? 3. Are new gearboxs...
  19. Goodridge brake lines

    Africa Twin
    If you're thinking about fitting braided brake lines, do it now! Finally fitted them on Sunday. What a difference! Have fitted braided lines on other bikes and never been sure they did a great deal, but they are definitely worth it on the AT. They still feel rather wooden, but you start to...