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  1. Increasing the rear wheel travel

    Africa Twin
    Hello everyone, I've tried to find some information about how to increase the rear wheel travel on XRV (RD03 and RD04) but I couldn't find anything for all models. Has anyone ever looked into that? Cheers, Norman
  2. Xr 125 l6 carb parts

    XR Technical Specs
    Hi there I've just put on an arrow exhaust system and I'm wondering what I can do in the carb when this system is on it. Has anyone done this to their exhaust and carb. I'm not overly confident of not ballsing it up.. Where should I be looking as a starting point? Keihin PDN 2B [After 0'3] Main...
  3. Are Transalp 600 prices increasing?

    Following on from the ebay/gumtree thread (the 4th most viewed thread ever on this forum)... does anyone else think 600 Transalp prices seem to be going up? I have noticed the same bikes crop up for sale within a year, at a higher price. Genuine price increase, or sellers trying it on? I...
  4. Clutch lever free play

    Hi all! Clutch lever freeplay at the ball-end of lever must be between 10-20mm. Two questions: 1) Is this distance measured with steering head in centre position, pointing to right (increase in free play) or point to left (decrease in free play)? 2) Is this distance measure when engine has...
  5. RD04 rear shock adjustment

    Africa Twin
    Hola, So I wanna increase the rear ride height (the previous owner was about 6 inches shorter than me) a smidge and the Haynes manual calls for a c-spanner but doesn't state which size(s) are optimum. Could someone help with the size? thanks, again, in advance :)
  6. For Sale: TA650 old seat required to increase height

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi everyone, from a newbie, that sounds ridiculous considering l'm 67, (how about old newbie) anyway, l've just sold my NX 650, and bought a 650 TA, mainly because the TA will be virtually vibration free compared to the dominator, but l need to raise the seat height, I'm 6' 5'', so if anyone has...
  7. Africa twin 750 / HP question

    Africa Twin
    Hi everyone !! I have had a couple of XR605R's before..... now I would like to build a Africa twin Supermotard. I know that gas flowing the ports will increase a few horses, as well as replacing the carb with a webber or similar. Are there any worthwhile mods I can do for extra low to mid...
  8. Replacement rear shock options for RD08 Domminator.

    Dominator / FMX
    Like the title says.. I've got a 2001 Dominator. The rear shock is dead.. I want this bike for travelling on. The shock needs to be able to take abuse and the bike will have luggage on it.. Hagon make one... £300 (Reports of them failing a lot) Wilbers make one.. £360 Does the...
  9. Aftermarket silencer/filter/jetting configurations known to work well?

    Africa Twin
    The original silencer on my bike is getting rather worn, and it also has been drilled and welded for some reason in its previous life. I am looking to get an aftermarket silencer and follow up with K&N air filter and proper jetting. Are there any known configurations of aftermarket silencer and...
  10. NC700 to become NC750

    Other Honda
    Apparently the NC700 is to increase in capacity to become a 750 from 2014. Details from visordown. 100% free webcam site! | Awesome chicks and it is absolutely free! | Watch free live sex cam - easy as 1-2-3
  11. Admiral - more insurance sharp practice?

    Reported on the BBC News website is the fact that some car drivers are seeing an increase in their insurance premiums after attending "speed awareness" courses. This is in spite of certain Councils and Police Forces own websites stating that a driver attending one of these courses will not have...
  12. Scraping/Rubbing noise

    A friends 1998 xr 400 when you kick it over makes a sort of scraping/rubbing noise, it starts up really well and as you rev it the scraping noise seems to increase with engine speed, the bike pulls well, doesn't seem to smoke at all, just seems strange to me as mine and my other mates doen't...
  13. XL700 Sprockets

    A common criticism of the xl700 is the need for a 6th gear. I was wondering how much it would help to change the sprocket size. Is it better to increase the size of the front sprocket (by a tooth) or decrease the size of the rear (by 3 teeth). Will it affect the speedo accuracy? Thanks
  14. Texting drivers refused insurance

    Seems that finally the insurance industry is taking mobile phone abuse at the wheel seriously - Texting drivers refused insurance. Fair punishment I reckon. Using your phone whilst driving is stupid and dangerous. However, I do foresee an increase in uninsured drivers over this. 100% free...
  15. Scott Olier query

    During the recent cold weather I had to increase the flow from minimum as oil stopped flowing. While this has worked I noticed that it is only oiling the links of the side where the nib is situated and not all of the chain as before. The nib is still in the correct postion slightly above the...
  16. Painkillers

    Do they just numb the pain or help speed up recovery. I hurt my shoulder on Christmas eve picking up the bike and a few weeks on it's getting better but it still twinges a pit at night or when I reach out to the side. As it's not sore (unless I move it the wrong way) I haven't been taking any...
  17. Help needed: Machining of new overlong 43mm fork caps for Varadero, e.g. +35mm.

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi folks. Any one reccomend where I could get an overlong set of fork caps made up for the Vara? I think +35mm or so should be right, idea to increase the front ground clearance a bit, but mainly to change the geometry a touch to minimise the front wheel tuck in inherent with a 19" wheel and a...
  18. Larger front sprocket

    Hi all I just got the chain and sprockets fitted and went for on tooth larger at the front as this seems to have been a popular mod. Whilst I find an improvement in 'pull' i also find there is a considerable increase in vibration below 50mph. Does anyone else find this? If so can it be...
  19. domi engine noise help

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi guys im new to this site, I have a 1992 domi . Shes done 17000 miles . Over the last week or so ive noticed a rattle .Sounds like theres a nut flying round the head on tick over . Ive re set the tappets . changed the oil and filter . but still have this noise . The noise seems to stop when i...
  20. How to increase seat height on AT

    Africa Twin
    Please help :) I would like to increase seat height on my At RD07. Is there any easy way to do this :) Thanks, Vladimir