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  1. Italian import vin??

    Ok I've found a frame with v5 and some other parts. It's been in a shed for some years in a dismantled state. According to the owner it was a one owner grey import which is verified by the v5. It says first registered to an independent importer. It's an Italian factory model but can someone...
  2. A sad day

    Hi Folks, After nearly 9 years and 48.5k miles my TransAlp has gone. Faced with the bill for a new exhaust and front tyre [plus service] for the MOT I succumbed to an offer of £1,600 from my local independent bike shop. Whilst I know he'll do the work and clean her up for sale and make a...
  3. Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire YO51

    Anyone here living within a mile or two of this town who could have a look at a bike for me please at a dealers? YO51 9NS It's a 3hr+ trip for me so it'd be nice to get an independent overview if possible. ;-)
  4. Recommended repair like Dave Wilkins around Bovingdon/Hemel/Berkhamstead

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    I've recently moved out of London for a bit of country life, and one of the things I'm going to miss the most from London is the awesome service I got from Dave Wilkins in Penge. My Africa Twin died last night on the M1, and I had it dragged home to Bovingdon. So now I'm looking for a service...
  5. Trail Tech Endurance II - recall notice on early models. Revised model now available

    Product Reviews
    A software bug has been found in the first release of the new Endurance II speedometers. The affected units were produced prior to 10/2/12. The production date is indicated on the back of the Endurance II unit. Symptoms of Software Bug: Speed, Distance, Time, ART may be reset or...
  6. 24 names, who else.....

    The Longest Day
    Calendar Link Who else is planning on TLD 2009. The calendar is open and waiting to filled in.
  7. Spanners Independent Motorcycle Mechanics POOLE Dorset

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    Just like to say this team is great! I didnt want to take my bike to Bournemouth Honda and J2s wait list was over 6 weeks! Due to problems I was experiencing with the bike I decided to give these guys a try! 4K service was done a day after I rang them! Good professional service using genuine...