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indicator switch

  1. Left side Switchgear

    Dominator / FMX
    Anyone chopping up their bike and no longer need the left side switchgear? My indicator switch has just snapped inside and could do with a replacement. Thanks!
  2. Indicator Relay?

    Africa Twin
    I noticed on a ride out yesterday that there was a few seconds delay between flicking the indicator switch and the indicators coming on. When I had a closer look today, when u switch on the indicators you can hear a relay clicking quite quickly and then slowing down to a normal rate when the...
  3. Transalp Indicator Switch Issue

    Hey Guys, I've got an infuriating issue with my XL600v, as far as I can tell, my left indicator switch is broken, right works fine. It was exceptionally stiff, I sprayed some contact cleaner in there and it stopped entireley. I can still inidcate right, but pushing to the left does nothing, no...
  4. For Sale: Lots of BMW F800GS Spares For Sale

    For Sale / Wanted
    This lot came off of my 2009 model and should fit any version of either F650 Twinor F800 GS that isn't the face lifted model. All prices include P&P BMW Low seat - £80 This has been “Home lowered” by the previous owner, so not a genuine BMW Low version. MAX BMW Motorcycles - BMW Parts &...
  5. bike suddenly cut out at speed

    Africa Twin
    I was riding my bike on a dual carrideway today in the fast lane when suddenly, whilst amongst traffic, the bike cut out. I managed to steer it to the side with only the blast of horns in my ears thankfully. I thought I had run out of pertrol but had only done 116 miles on a full tank...
  6. Dodgy indicators

    Dominator / FMX
    Any clues on this one please? When I bought my Dommie I thought that it was taking 2-3 presses of the indicator switch to get the lights flashing. No problem cancelling, one press as you would expect. I later found than when the indicator switch was pressed, the flasher unit would click...
  7. Honda Integra

    Other Honda
    Yeah, I know it's not an "Adventure" bike, but it is a Honda, and the engine feels a bit like a V-Twin!! I posted the piece below on another forum, and I thought someone may find it of use or interesting... Integra impressions. Well, I finally managed to get a test ride on an Integra today...
  8. Indicators take ages to activate

    Hiya. In this cold weather, my indicators are taking a long time to activate- I'll press the indicator switch, and sometimes it won't go at all, and sometimes it will take 10 to 20 seconds to start indicating. Once it's flashing it's fine, but it's just getting that first flash. It can be quite...
  9. Replacement Indicator switch housing needed

    Hello, new member from England saying hello :) and starting off with a question ( how usual is that eh ;) ) I recently bought a 2002 XR650L from this site but it arrived with a broken indicator switch on the handlebar. Someone has already had a go at repairing it but it is past repair. New...
  10. Indicator switch fixing.

    Africa Twin
    Started to have problems with the indicator switch after a two day sand/dust storm in Morocco. Not as smooth as it used to be. But as I could still use it I didn't clean it at once. :dontknow: Last week I lost almost all feedback in the switch, took it apart to clean and try to find the problem...
  11. Fitting indicators

    Hi. I have just got a set of LED indicators from eBay and want to fit them to my XR400, can anyone tell me how this is done, do I need some sort of flasher unit and a relay?? The bike has an indicator switch but is this wired in with wires leading to front and rear of the bike Any info greatly...
  12. Indicators for 2000 XR400

    Hi! New here. I have just purchased a year 2000, XR400. Had trouble starting it at first but after setting the valve clearances, changing the plug, cleaning the air filter and changing the oil and filter it starts first time now. (Crank to feel compression on the compression stroke, pull the...
  13. For Sale: Honda L/H handle switch gear.

    For Sale / Wanted
    Lights, horn, indicator switch gear, came off an XR250. Genuine Honda, good nic. Offers. Will post a pic when I figure out how.
  14. Broken indicators

    Hi guys... I'm new to the forum and pretty new to my transalp! After a very wet trip across dartmoor I have had indicator issues! Initially they stopped working when the switch was moved but you could hear the relay switching on and off about 10 times a second like an angery bee! I...
  15. Lights/horn.indicator switch assembly

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys.. my main beam switch button has died on me - and i have tried stripping it dowm - but it dosent seem to want to play... does anyone know if the varadero or transalp switch assembly is the same? and could i just use this.. seems finding a RD07A one is like hens teeth...surprise...
  16. A Yank builds a chain oiler

    Bodgers Corner
    I finished my chainoiler bodge. I put 200 miles on it today and it works surprisingly well. What it ISN'T is pretty. My bike is a 1990 Transalp with many Africa Twin bits. It's like this because the ATs were never imported to cruiser-happy America and poor sods like us have to build our own...
  17. Help Hein Gericke hazard lights

    Africa Twin
    :confused: :confused: Hi everyone has any one fitted these to their @ . I bought a set today and due to the vague instructions i am not too sure how to wire them up . The live to the unit should go to the Red wire through a fuse and the neutral to the Blue and red wire from the ignition, But the...
  18. Warm hands - for those with big paws and small muffs!

    Mechanical Advice
    Hello i fitted some handlebar muffs to Tizer but found that with the hand protectors the muffs didn't fit right and were tight around the controls, particularly on the left side causing problems with the indicator switch and full beam switch! to fix the problem i undid the stitching on the...
  19. Don't Forget

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    Your local Honda Dealer, just bought a ridiculously expensive lights/ indicator switch assembly same price from my local shop as David Silvers, received in two working days instead of a week and no shipping charge! Just a word of warning, don't assume the price is going to be better elsewhere...
  20. Indicator switch gear from AT

    Does anyone know if the siwtch gear from an AT will go on a Transalp. I may give it a try and see what I can Bodge together must be similar may need to mess around with connections.