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  1. Chatter
    STOLEN last night (19/8/16) from South Milford Hotel near Squires, a red and silver GPz900r, Yorks Reg No: E703 AAW, also a blue and silver GPz900r, Reg No: C368 RPD, looks like both were taken together in a van ... Police informed ... Any help much appreciated...
  2. Varadero
    I ordered 2 sets of front pads and 1 set of rear pads, as you do, from Wemoto for my Vara 1000. When they arrived all 3 sets had the same part number. On ringing Wemoto, I was informed that front and rear pads for the Vara are identical. Is this right? :withstupid:
  3. XL
    Hi Ive been reliably informed that RAL 3020 is the correct colour for my engine bit Id love someone else to confirm that Ral Colours RAL 3020 Traffic Red Paint
  4. The Longest Day (Planning)
    Just to make everyone aware I've informed Karen England that we will be supporting Make A Wish next year. She's delighted, and said when we're sorted with what we're doing to contact her again and they will get their publicity machine behind us. She remembers us all very fondly at the Ace last...
1-4 of 4 Results