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  1. Do you own a Varadero 125cc 2004/5/6?

    Hi all, If the answer is yes can you please have a look at your service manual (the one which honda supplied ) and let me know the initial setting and final setting of the mixture /pilot screw. I think it's on page 5-18. Thanks.
  2. Graphene

    Well guys, whadya think ?? Is this the new material that will revolutionise industry ? I note that the initial concept was hatched in a UK university, Manchester I think, and wasn't patented. Now the rest of the world have jumped on the bandwagon with China having 2k patents pending, whilst UK...
  3. Initial Impressions of the New Forum??

    I thought I'd ask the question to guage reaction, and test the poll function is working OK. QUESTION: What are your first impressions of the new forum? :toothy6:
  4. An initial poll for some ideas for TLD2

    The Longest Day
    Havent started a poll in ages so thought I'd kick one off for this - as it's early days feel free to sabotage or add more but lets start getting some ideas down on paper and tidied up a bit - there may be some we can discount from the beginning and may be others worth looking at in more detail -...
  5. Initial Impressions

    Dominator / FMX
    Well i have been using my "new" dommie for a few days now and the fazer has gone away for the winter well what remains of it. Theres a few things i do like about the bike and a few i dont The good 1 brilliant riding position can see above traffic so is a great for commuting 2 the sound its a...