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  1. tyre rims , tubes in tyres

    Hiya, quick question, tubes in tyres , my front tyre has a inner tube in it , my rear tyre is tubeless, do I need inner tubes or not? also looking for new tyres, anakee 3 seem to be the most talked about, are they the best ???? or go for metzlier /bridgstone . Has anybody used mitchlin pilot...
  2. Inner Tubes

    Where do all you lovely people get your inner tubes from? I've had a look in the usual places I buy my bike stuff from and none of them seem to stock tubes the right size for the TA700 (at least online).
  3. OKO question

    Any of you using OKO, slimy stuff that you put into your inner tube to plug up the punctures? I was just wandering about the amount you put in. I use it on my 125cc, I think it's 200ml per tyre...
  4. Inner tube dimensions for 140/80-17

    Africa Twin
    Hi! I am going to replace my rear tyre with a new K60 in a few weeks, and I want to replace the inner tube as well while I'm at it. I am guessing I need a 500-550 sized tube, but I can't even find a 550 tube anywhere (which translates to 140). Which tube dimensions do you guys run in the rear...
  5. Routine Inner Tube Replacement?

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    Is it necessary? I need both tyres replacing at the moment and am using the Transalp purely on the road as an all-year-round commuter. The dealer, although they deal with bikes, they are not their forte, suggested both tubes may want replacing. If the tubes do not have punctures and are no...
  6. Inner tube size

    I want to get a new inner tube for my 120 90 17 rear tyre. Wemoto list a number of 17" tubes, but the numbers mean zilch to me 275/300 325/350 350/400 etc Anyone know which is the right one? Are these unbranded tubes any good? Cheers John
  7. Grief fitting Tourance

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    Okay, I gave up fitting my own tyres 30 years ago after buggering up an inner tube. So, as I'm off again to rural Portugal and I've been playing the Ostrich on my recent European trips, I decided to bite the bullet; actually I think I was shot with it! Picked up a new tyre and what an absolute...
  8. Bizarre bicycle tyre

    Go figure! Last week, went out for a push bike ride with my wife. All four tyres pretty much okay, I just topped them up. Okay, so out for a ride, no problems, get home, no problems. A few days ago we decide to go out for another ride. Tracey's rear tyre totally flat. Whip the wheel off, felt...
  9. Alp 700 rear punctures

    Hi, Been getting punctures a lot recently, got a couple of questions: The bikes currently at work and there's a garage within a mile or so that has a 130/80 - 17 inner tube to fix it. It seems to be a slow leak, was fine riding in this morning, but by lunch time was two thirds down. 1) To get...
  10. Piece of in iron in tyre

    While lubing the chain i noticed a small piece of iron in the rear tyre. Affraid that it eventualy would push trough the inner tube i removed it ,its 1cm long and penetraded so deep. So far there seems to be no leak. Is there anyway i can fill up the hole in the rear tyre whitout removing the...
  11. Ooh....Battlewings!

    Just junked my Trailwings at 5000 miles after a rear tyre puncture. Not sorry to see them go - probably the worst tyres I've ever had on a bike. Tried to get a pair of Conti Trial Attacks which I run on my R1200GS but couldn't find any. Settled on Battlewings instead - £200 fitted to wheels inc...
  12. Motorcycle Front inner tube 300-23 XL250S 500 S 23"

    eBay - XL
    £14.99 End Date: Monday Feb-07-2011 13:26:17 GMT Buy It Now for only: ***163;14.99 Buy it now | Add to watch list More...
  13. Vibes through the bars - I'm fighting back Pooratech style!

    Africa Twin
    I've been doing 140+ miles per day lately and the vibes through the AT's bars are getting me down. I remembered being very impressed with a set of Rox risers fitted to a 1150GS that I rode a little while ago which cancelled out all the vibrations due to some rubber inserts. So I used an old kids...
  14. Fun and Games on the M25

    We had a bit of an adventure on our trip to the Vaders, it was a miserable and wet day on Thursday Up the M4, out of Wales into the dark land of England. We hit heavy traffic leaving the M4 onto the M25 and the filtering began, Jay and Caitie M fell quite a way behind with MoM in the lead and...
  15. XL700V innner tubes

    Dear all, Does it matter which inner tube is fitted to the TransAlp? What's Honda recommendation for inner tubes? Are there better or worse inner tubes out there? Apart from the price difference what's the difference between inner tubes? Any comments? anyone? Thanks.
  16. Quick Question - Is this Price for a Tyre Right?

    Time for a new rear tyre (Trail Wing 130/80 17) for my TA700, only managed about 4000 miles on it, but the front is still good so will run another then consider changing both to a different brand. I have been quoted £110 for fitting including new inner tube (£15). Does this sound about right...
  17. new front rim

    Africa Twin
    Got the front rim renewed at last cant praise Lightning Spares of Sale enouth. Only charges for the spokes on a rebuild,So all in all Off road world for the rim (which came from Talon in yeovil)was £120.Lightning spares for the rebuild (he sends it away)£37 for galvanised spokes, and £3.95 for a...
  18. Hole in steering stem (XR400)

    When I started to re-grease steering head bearings on my XR400 I discovered a hole in stems side. It's for steering lock but not very good idea. The lower bearing was covered with sand and the rollers were cracked. There is great possibility that sand, dust etc will get to your bearings throw...
  19. Coolant pipe warning

    All, When I stripped mine to complete a check of the valve clearances last week I noticed that the coolant hose from the bottom of the rad on the right hand side (throttle side) was routed so that it sits on top of the fairing mount. It didn't seem possible to route another way. Unlike some...
  20. Inner tube size

    Africa Twin
    can anyone tell me what size inner tube i need for the rear wheel of a 98 RD07a, tyre size is 140/80 17 on a 3.00 17 rim