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  1. Looking for an affordable low seat option for an 89 Transalp

    Hi there! I just bought very nice 89 Transalp and am looking for a low seat option. The only ones I can find here in the States are quite expensive and take quite some time to be ready. Anyone know of anything available across the pond, either new or used? Any insight would be greatly...
  2. Rukka Sizing and Basti stretch

    Just bought my first set of Rukka after 7years of Spidi. This time I managed to get some good advice in the shop and tried on from lower range and up. Ended up with a Rukka Basti set in strech cordura and including all the D3O protectors, also on the back. Kevlar strengtening on exposed knuckle...
  3. long legs

    after lots of research but no actual test rides i have decided to put the vara on top of my list. the other contenders were 955 tiger and vstrom 1000 but couldnt live with the tigers ugly mug and the vstroms quality seems a bit suspect. my main concern is the leg room as i have a 36" inseam...
  4. Rider/Bike Ergonomics

    :cool: This may help any one who has problems riding long distances or wondering about a bikes riding position, Motorcycle Ergonomics inseam is your inside leg measurement its limited on machines but you can add more. BIG D
  5. Vertically challenged AT Owners

    Africa Twin
    I'm wondering how many @ owners need platform shoes to mount their bike. I know I do. My 29 inch inseam is more like 28.5 and with boots I can just barely touch with the toes of my feet. This is the tallest bike I've ever had and with the top case on swinging a leg over is a bit of a...
  6. Lowering

    Hi everyone I have a fancy for aTransalp but I am only 5' 3 &1/2'' with a 29'' inseam. I know you can get the low seat to lower it 20mm but that won't be enough for me. Does anyone know if there are ways of lowering further i.e suspension links etc. Thanks in anticipation.
  7. seat height

    Africa Twin
    does anyone know if you can get a lower seat for the africa twin ? i am 5,7 in my bike boots with a 31 inch inside leg/inseam . there is a p reg africa twin in my local dealers but, i need to know what sort of seat,s are available for it before i seriously consider buying it. thank,s ;)
  8. Droping the front forks - don't forget to lower the rear too

    I've read where some owners of the new 650 Trannys have dropped the front forks a little in the trees to help get their bums closer to the ground. Being one of those challenged in the inseam dept, I've invested in the factory low seat, it's a good start. Taking this a step further to...