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  1. xl 650 tranny

    hi can anyone tell me what size hex key I need for the 2 inspection caps on the engine to check the valve clearances please thx.
  2. Valve clearance inspection on a xl700

    Hi people. what do I need to do to get the covers off to adjust valve clearances. My honda dealer wants £250 to do it, after I have taken all the plastic off. Help.:happy6: Unfortunately I had no replies to this Question so can I take it that it is so difficult that no one has done it ? Cheers
  3. where can I get these plugs / bolts

    Dominator / FMX
    I am after the two plugs / bolts to cover the inspection holes , any ideas where to get them from or if ones off other bikes fit ,
  4. Cannon XL1S pro-Video camera

    For Sale / Wanted
    Cannon XL1s for sale. I bought this camera new a little over a year ago, and it has less then 40 hours use. It was never used as a player, I only ever used Sony Premium MiniDV Tapeand is in excellent condition. Camera Comes with 16X lens with sun hood, two foam and one fur microphone socks...
  5. 24000 mile service

    Right, just booked the bike in for its service and one rear pilot road. Am I right in thinking that the service includes replacing air cleaner, oil/filter, coolant, brake fluid and an inspection of everything else? This is the big service?
  6. '00 model xr400 gear shift problem

    i've recently completely rebuilt my xr400, since then it's been run twice, the first time i rode it i managed to break the gearshift linkage stopper arm bolt, once replacing the bolt i took it out 4 a test ride and i no longer can select fifth gear! it cycles through neutral, first, second...
  7. Transalp First Service Confusion ??

    Can anyone clarify for me what the content of the first (600 mile) service on my 650 transalp 07 model, The reason that I ask is because the dealership where I purchased the bike, and who are obliged to provide the first service for free are telling me that checking the valve clearances is not...
  8. please not a friday afternoon bike!!!

    just bought new 2007 varadero from dobles coulsdon, picked it up from them yesterday,after a 600 mile service, very pleased with the plesant nature of all the reception guys and mechanic etc. they altered the beam of the head light, i was getting major abuse from car drivers and none of my...
  9. Dumb newbie questions volume 1

    Africa Twin
    Apologies in advance if some of these questions are a bit dumb (though I did warn you when I said hello :D). If you could give me the benefit of your experience that'd be much appreciated. I bought an RD04 recently and although it seems mechanically sound (from what I can tell being a newbie...
  10. NX650 Brake upgrade

    Dominator / FMX
    I have been doing some research on increasing my stopping power, I regularly ride with 300 lbs (136 kg) and the brakes seem to work extra hard (myself, my wife, and our gear). Plus stoppies are really hard to do with these brakes (jk). Last week my front rotor started humming, and upon...
  11. What bars do i buy?

    Africa Twin
    Hi all After a recent off in Morocco the bars got bent followed by another off that just so happened to straightened them back,but another couple of offs have got me thinking its time i got some after market bars.The last off bent the bars so much that the rubber sleeve that inserts into the top...
  12. Arrow exhaust install (pics).....

    Here are the pics (fingers crossed). The old tired oe exhaust Holed in the clamp area - possibly blocked drain hole? The old one literally fell off due to the clamp being completely rusted through! It was an absolute doddle to fit, and very well made. The rubber on the mounting strap...
  13. Engine guard

    Africa Twin
    I finally got around to washing the bike after returning from Italy a few weeks back. Good thing too, as I hadn't noticed that I've put a hole in the engine guard! So I took the guard off for closer inspection; I'm assuming I've just bent that triangular piece up. I guess I now...
  14. Manhole covers on corners!!!

    Why oh why do they put inspection or manhole covers on corners. If you ride over one when its raining oil and diesel the old heartbeat red-lines and very slowly drops back to normal... cant be healthy. String up the engineers I say, or any one remotely responsible. Ive had enough near falls...
  15. Instant metal fix

    Mechanical Advice
    A couple of days before my Big trip to the Continent while changing the rear tyre I noticed a strange rattling noise when bouncing the wheel on the garage floor. After a close inspection - here is what I found: One of the spokes was making it's way trough the rim and since it was loose at...
  16. AT Drivetrain Noises

    Africa Twin
    Below is a little story of what happened, thought I'd tell it before asking whats wrong.. Been doing a lot on miles on the AT recently, 3000 in 3 months. Everything serviced inc chain before these big miles. Got my Dad to fit a new rear tyre when I went on my hols, he manages to fit it with...
  17. CE armour for clothing; Rukka in particular

    I've done a little bit of research on CE "armour" in bike clothing. It's interesting to see the marketing that's used, which is borderline fraudulent in many cases (with alleged incursions right over the border...) I'm sure we've all seem descriptions that say something like fitted with CE...
  18. Xr400 Exhaust baffle

    Hi, I am looking for a baffle for my new (to me!) road registered xr400. I had a look at sliders exhaust and air box mod video and thought I would have a look at my own. On closer inspection it would appear that the previous owner must have removed the baffles and squashed the outlet pipe on...
  19. adjustable ignition timing

    Africa Twin
    Well, I have been told on many occasions that my late RDo7 @ has fixed ignition timing, and that there is no adjustment (but I am the kind of guy that won’t take no for an answer. Well last week I was having a few niggles with the bike running a bit ‘lumpy’ at low RPM, not the kind of fault...
  20. Brake Light Tail light Question

    Africa Twin
    I just bought my first africa twin RD07A (1997) and now I notice My brake light and tail light is doing some funky stuff.... The rear light is really bright, and when I pull the brakes it gets just a little bit (almost indiscernably) brighter. So I immediately thought what you are thinking...