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  1. 520 chain and sprockets on XRV750 RD07a

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi everybody, I am new to this forum. Just bought an XRV750rd07a full stock that I am planning to rebuild to a lighter and more offroad capable travel bike. One of the ideas is to install Supersprox sprocket and 520 pitch chain to reduce weight. Anyone any advice or experience having done this.
  2. New drive sprocket

    Hi, ..... I am looking for a bit of clarification please re: my new drive sprocket. The Honda manual (& YouTube vids) all state ..... install with the tooth number stamped on the socket, facing out. (this was the case on the one I just took out) But the new Renthal sprocket I have, appears...
  3. gear indicator on xl700

    Hello all. Glad to be hear. Just bought this gear indicator. is it possible to install on the Transalp (xl700) (two thousand & eight model) and if yes, HOW. thanks for your anticipated responses. homms.
  4. Windshield for Dommie - HELP NEDED

    Dominator / FMX
    Hello folks, i need some advice and some help. My Dominator is 1998. I want to buy a wind shield for it and i've found this one for my year of manufacture: HONDA NX 650 DOMINATOR (1996 - 2003) TOURING WINDSCREEN WINDSHIELD SCREEN COLOUR | eBay But i prefer this one more...
  5. Bolt identification

    I'm looking for a place to install an oil temperature sensor. Does anyone know the purpose of this bolt (center of picture) and what the clearance behind it looks like?
  6. CRF1000L - Install Oxford Heated Grips

    How to.....
    Installation tips for Oxford Advanced Touring Heated Grips - NEW MODEL in UK Got mine off eBay for £65 delivered. No cutting required with the TOURING model (ADVENTURE are longer; SPORTS shorter) 1. Read Manufacturer's...
  7. CRF1000L - Quick release pillion seat

    Africa Twin
    There’s a small amount of storage space under the pillion seat but access requires a spanner to remove two 10 mm screws. This spanner is in the toolbox by the battery which in turn needs the Allen key under the rider seat. To make the pillion seat quicker to remove there are two easy...
  8. Change engine number on V5 - DVLA

    Dominator / FMX
    These days if you want to change the engine number on your V5, DVLA require proof of purchase of the engine, or an engineers report from the garage that did the job (what a load of ballsocks). As the owner of several (ahem) spare engines I phoned them to ask what you're supposed to do if you...
  9. Taller back suspension

    Africa Twin Technical Specs
    Hello. I am about to install to my rd07a a taller back suspension from a ktm. The question is: if the suspension is, lets say, 1cm taller how much taller would the back side of the bike become? Something like x3 ratio or no?
  10. installing led lights on @ rd07 -97

    How to.....
    Hello. Trying to install led lights. I've tried with a few different led relays. The closest I get is to have one side working as it should and other side makes hazard lights. Same effect on all relays but blink speed varies. I can switch the cables to make both left and right function so its...
  11. EBC HH pads vs stock

    Hello friends, anyone has any updated feedback regarding the EBC HH vs stock one for Vara ABS ? Is the material really too hard that consume the rotor faster than stock? how far faster ? 10k faster? more/less ? i bought it as it was more than 30% cheaper didnt install it yet.. but the rotor is...
  12. Hyperpro Progressive Springs - Install Questuin

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, The instructions for the Hyperpro progressive springs install are a little surprising to me as anyone I've seen install progressive springs on YouTube doesn't remove the forks. They do this simple remove the cap...drop in the spring deal... Is removal really necessary? Thanks, Dar
  13. For Sale: XRV750 MOSFET Reg/Rec (Voltage Regulator/Rectifier)

    For Sale / Wanted
    Purchased in error! Brand new Shindengen FH012AA MOSFET Reg/Rec In line splash proof maxi-fuse holder & 30A fuse 10AWG black/red cables to go to battery 12AWG yellow cables to go to alternator And all crimps to suit (or use your own connectors or soldered joints as you wish) (NB: Crimped...
  14. Foot Pegs

    Any recommendations for off road type foot pegs? Many that I have seen are wider than the oem, and I fear these will interfere with my big foot and the shifter. When I added off road style pegs to my KLR650, I had to install an extended shifter to make shifting as comfortable as before.
  15. lithium 12v batteries.

    Africa Twin
    Oh no not again. This is my new AT battery. It's a 4 cell pack of 15Ah capacity. It weighs less than 2kg and if I'm honest it scares me a little since those cells will discharge happily at 150A. It cost less than 100GBP. Whilst bits are painted plated or otherwise fettled I'm getting on with...
  16. Rear shock protection

    I noticed after a very long ride on a muddy/dirt road that my rear shock was getting plastered with mud. Quick and easy fix was to install a small strip of rubber, using a single zip tie. Works well, cheap, and only minutes to install. BEFORE AFTER
  17. Water Pump Failure Frequency

    Africa Twin
    Forum Members, Hello and happy holidays. I am interested in learning of the age or mileage any members may have experienced a water pump failure on their AT. I searched the forum and learned water pumps are not frequently discussed. My 1990 RD04 AT with 78k km is being updated for a long...
  18. RD03 Airbox Element seal configuration

    Africa Twin
    Need some help getting my element seal in my airbox. When I got the bike,it had a K&N so I've had to buy the new parts. The fiche is helpful, but when I went to install, it all became a bit of a puzzle getting the rubber seal in and then installing the element filter..... Can anyone tell me...
  19. ISO: RD04 XRV750 Bagster Tank Bag Recommendation

    Africa Twin
    Hello. I purchased a Bagster tank cover for my 1990 RD04 XRV750 today. I am not familiar with Bagster and am writing to receive a recommendation for a Bagster tank bag that would fit nicely on the AT's Bagster tank cover. My AT has small bar risers. I usually use a tankbag for maps and...
  20. Coyote Trips dash install

    Africa Twin
    Who has one and how did you actually mount the thing? The screw part is a bit confusing and I can't seem to find any examples online.