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  1. new bars question

    Africa Twin
    I have finally received my new starbars ready for fitting at the weekend. Question I have is this....the original bars have holes for the instruments, do I drill new ones or remove the bits that slot into the holes on the instruments? cheers in advance
  2. fixing up a modified rd07

    Africa Twin
    Bought a rallymodded rd07 and i would really like to fix her up enought that someone could be fooled that she was a stock bike albeit a monster. So first on the priolist she needs odometer, analog speedometer and proper indicationlights. All this is removed so i guess im wondering where are the...
  3. AT Speedometer removal

    Africa Twin
    As part of a rebuild I have invested in digital instruments, the one difficulty I am looking for a solution for is how to blank off the hub end of the speedo cable once I have removed it. Don't want to just leave it open to the elements.
  4. For Sale: RD07A Tripmeter, Instruments & Mra Vario Screen

    For Sale / Wanted
    Located in Ireland. I've had these since I rebuilt my AT as a rally rep and replaced them with Koso clocks etc. They were all working perfectly at the time and should still be fine (2.5 years on). Any offers please mail me at [email protected]
  5. Digital clock display

    I have had my Transalp about 6 weeks ,and I have this problem with the digital clock display thats incorporated into the rev counter. When I first got the bike it displayed fine when the bike was turned off.Then once you started the bike up and went along on a trip,after 20 minutes the display...
  6. RD03/04 Dashboard Bulbs?

    Africa Twin
    Hi, Does anyone know the type of bulbs required for the dashboard instruments ? I'm referring to the speedo, tacho and temp gauge. Cheers

    Dominator / FMX
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