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  1. Transalp XL650 V4 2004 HISS question

    Transalp Technical Specs
    Hi all, just bought the above, insurers are asking me which version of HISS I have, and I don't have a clue, neither does the internet by the look of it! Any ideas how to find out so I can get it insured? Many thanks and I am guessing this will be the first of many questions...
  2. Documents - No Show

    I insured my bike through Hastings Direct on the 2nd of September. With no sign of my Policy documents I have tried on several occasions to contact the company. They operate an 0844 number system, and after being left on hold due to "exceptionally large volume of calls" -(yeah right) I emailed...
  3. off to morocco.....need bike insured

    ...i'm off to ride morocco at end of October, but on checking with my insurance they only insure me through Europe. i told the guy from my insurance that i needed cover for morocco, but i think he must have slept through his geography classes at school, because he told me i was ok because i was...
  4. RD04 Front End thanks to uninsured driver

    Africa Twin
    Hi all!!!! Thanks to an uninsured driver deciding that both myself and my AT would make such a nice addition to the front of his car he had to run a red light to do it, I am in need of a new front end. :( My insurance company will write it off for the cost of the parts required and I'm in no...
  5. Mmmm.... Travel insurance quotes.

    Off on hols for one week in Greece. Quote No.1; DIRECT LINE. Blah blah...only up to 125cc.. Blah blah.....we can't cover you for anything related to your taking blood pressure and cholesterol medication (I can get on a plane with a broken something but not a heart attack!). Didn't wait...
  6. Transalp 650 (2006) for sale

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    I thought id post this to see if anyone is interested in buying my bike. Its a 2006 V6 transalp 20500 miles (Service history) and MOT until Jan 2013. The mileage will rise slightly as i commute on it. I love the bike but i've got a hankering for an XT and i have a chance at getting one but need...
  7. Withdrawn: Anyone interested in trying my 2006 TA.

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    I thought id post this to see if anyone is interested in buying my bike. Its a 2006 V6 transalp 20500 miles (Service history) and MOT until Jan 2013. The mileage will rise slightly as i commute on it. I love the bike but i've got a hankering for an XT and i have a chance at getting one but need...
  8. complete motorcycle wheel building and refurb service at sfx wheels ,

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    sfx wheels uk 07971469506 motorcycle wheels refurbed , re anodized , powdercoated , re spoked we can also supply new rims if needed , poa ************************************************************************** wheel building from £30.00 per wheel , build...
  9. For Sale: Varadero screen fitted to an 06 model. ( calsci )

    For Sale / Wanted
    I bought this screen new about two months ago for my 2006 vara and have found it to be a massive improvement over both the stock and MRA screens I already own. Its the large version which is 4 inches taller and 3 inches wider than the stock screen. The only reason for selling it is that I...
  10. Insurance again

    Just checked my e-mails and had one there from BIKESURE, it was the renewal schedule for my Gasgas that i sold last year. I phoned them and said i haven't got the bike anymore and didn't want it insured. So i got them to quote me for the Varadero only. Fully comp, to ride other bikes aswell...
  11. SORN

    I have a bike, taxed and tested, but now no longer insured. My understanding is that I should now SORN it. Is this correct? The bike is genuinely off the road and locked up safe and sound for a couple of months.
  12. Texting drivers refused insurance

    Seems that finally the insurance industry is taking mobile phone abuse at the wheel seriously - Texting drivers refused insurance. Fair punishment I reckon. Using your phone whilst driving is stupid and dangerous. However, I do foresee an increase in uninsured drivers over this. 100% free...
  13. Insuring someone elses bike.

    A question,is it possible for me to insure a bike that doesn't belong to me?A mate has offered to lend me his 955 Tiger :thumbup:but I don't have cover to ride other peoples bikes on my insurance.I asked Carole Nash if I could add the bike to my policy but they said no because it doesn't belong...
  14. Insurance advice anyone? or just read and have a laugh at my expence!!

    Hi Guys, If anyone has any real advice then please offer it, if you just want to take the piss out of me then feel free, I can take it.... (I'm just interested to know how much trouble I might be in) My 22 Year old step son has been driving since he was 18 or 19 on a full license. a couple of...
  15. Unregistered xlr 250 insurance help!!!!!

    Helloa!!! i need pointing in the right direction, My bike is finally ready to be put on the road but in having bother getting it insured!! Its an xlr 250 rh 1986 which was imported through a dealer sometime in its life but never registered, so iv taken the steps to have it put the road, iv had...
  16. For Sale: Transalp 700

    For Sale / Wanted
    For Sale, my beloved Transalp 700: Reg Date: Aug 2009 Model Year: 2009 (ABS) Mileage: 27600 Last Serviced: 24000, full including valves Owners: 2 (Honda dealer and me) All services conducted by CJ Ball Honda of Norwich and bike has full Honda service history including detailed invoices...
  17. any recommendations for Multi bike insurance please ( dommie and TTR250 )

    or ones to avoid and why ? I know lots of people come unstuck cos of the vast reams of T&C's that are a a pain to read through and even more difficult to understand fully. Also changing bike fees etc . what else to watch out for? would it be better to insure each one separately? someone...
  18. No claims bonus protected

    I can get my @ insured for 87 quid thats fully comp but no claims bonus etc no breakdown cover no helmet or gear covered etc and my no claims discount is not protected what are your thoughts ie is it worth the gamble? Thx for reading
  19. Riding my 125xlv to spain

    Hi all. Just a quickie about the legalities of riding a 125 to Spain and back (via ferry ports to Santander). I have a full lisence (restricted for another 4 months) and cant afford to upgrade yet. There's bog all wrong with Baby V, so intend to ride her from Dover to Portsmouth and then from...
  20. Insuring my 09 Alp

    Well it came to renewal time once again and the squabble began between Carol Nash and Swinton over who was better. Each told me of the 'only' insurance available which was Equity Red Star etc and how the planet is mis aligned causing a 30% increase in their desire to own a Ferrari errr insurance...