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    Study shows motorcyclists are the safest on UK roads.
  2. Transalp Technical Specs
    Hi all, just bought the above, insurers are asking me which version of HISS I have, and I don't have a clue, neither does the internet by the look of it! Any ideas how to find out so I can get it insured? Many thanks and I am guessing this will be the first of many questions...
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    Insurers have raised concerns about these and the police don't like it up 'em. The boys in blue make £35 per person per course for "admin" when they would get zero for issuing a speeding fine and endorsement, which is the same amount of work. Insurers raise police speed awareness course...
  4. Insurance
    last year I paid £320 fully comp.... this year with yet another years no claims which takes me up to 9+ years no claims I had my renewal through...... yep £716...... I'm just thinking about screwing the insurers of the guy who knocked me of my bike for my "personal injuries" just so I can...
  5. Insurance
    So I got a flyer through in the post today all about Honda Happiness Insurance. How they were going to quote better than all the rest etc etc How they were official Honda etc etc. Yup some insurer has paid Honda a comm for their business, no surprise just wish they were upfront about it. Said...
  6. Insurance
    Why do you need to announce accessories to insurers? I mean, why do heated grips, a top box, or crash bars change my insurance premium? They're not more likely to result in my bike being stolen or me crashing, so what's the logic?