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  1. Honda Integra

    Other Honda
    Yeah, I know it's not an "Adventure" bike, but it is a Honda, and the engine feels a bit like a V-Twin!! I posted the piece below on another forum, and I thought someone may find it of use or interesting... Integra impressions. Well, I finally managed to get a test ride on an Integra today...
  2. One for the Mancunians... Hunt's?

    Looking at new bike and Hunt's in Manchester have a couple of machines in stock and also a test bike this weekend. No one else seems to have the Integra yet in the Midlands, so I may well pop up and get a test ride on Sunday as daughter2 is due back at Uni.... Of course I am happy to drive 70...
  3. Honda DCT bikes

    Other Honda
    Has anyone here had a go on one of the Honda's fitted with the Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) that Honda are using on a range of bikes now? How do they feel changing gear with a switch? I ask as I am very interested in the new Integra as a possible option for me that will give a proper bike...
  4. Crosstourer accessories price list

    12V DC Socket Power additional electric equipment with this handy 12V DC Socket Kit. £76.60 Averto Security Alarm Kit Featuring the very latest anti-theft technology, this compact alarm unit has a 118db siren, a movement and shock detector featuring 8 sensitivity settings and a double...
  5. Crosstourer has landed

    I had no idea what to expect from the Crosstourer. But no matter what I wrote about it, I knew what I could expect from comments on it’s not a new Africa Twin; Honda should make a new Africa Twin. Well, the Crosstourer is not the new Africa Twin. Its seat is comfortable, for a start...
  6. Could this be the start of a new AT

    Africa Twin
    Honda Integra and New Honda 700cc Engine - webBikeWorld
  7. Sold: Cheap Laptop

    For Sale / Wanted
    Up for grabs, a cheap, tidy, functional laptop. It's no rocket ship, so don't expect to play silly shoot-em-up games, but if you just want a laptop for surfing the net, email, playing DVD's or burning CD's, this could be right up your street. Absolutely no damage, the screen is bright clear...
  8. Sold: Compaq Laptop with Windows7 and Office 2007

    For Sale / Wanted
    OK folks, another nice laptop for sale This one is a Compaq Presario C731EM, and has a 15.4 inch wide screen Pentium Dual Core CPU @ 1.60Ghz 2gb RAM, 140gb Hard Drive WiFi ready Nice, all black finish, and only very very minor marks on the case, the screen is perfect. Windows 7...
  9. For Sale: Coleman Phad X2 tent & free tarp

    For Sale / Wanted
    For Sale: Coleman Phad X2 Tent, 2 man. I bought this New for the Triumph live gig in September this year. It has only been used the once there and is in like new condition apart from a couple of bent pegs. It was full aired before being packed away. I am including a brand new (not used) Vango...
  10. XRV A.V Helpdesk

    OK, straight to my latest dumbo question. Has anyone ever used one of THESE to convert a composite video signal into VGA ?? I have a mini component system which has an integrated DVD player. The DVD player outputs component, composite, scart, and I'd like to use a standard PC LCD monitor...
  11. Sold: Belkin N+ ADSL Wireless Modem Router

    For Sale / Wanted
    Did I tell you about my upgrade to Fibre broadband? :D So.... I don't need this router any more. I have the box somewhere and all the bits. Router, Manual, CD, ADSL lead, Power Adapter. The prices on Google seem to be all over the place on these, showing that they are around £40 new but then...
  12. Sold: Coleman Avior X2 Tent

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all, Declutering the Garage,something has to go and have a new tarp and bivy:D Used for 2 nights in France so as new really great for traveling light and small. Coleman Avior X2 Tent Ultra compact, stable and lightweight, this 2 person tent will suit the most demanding biker The...
  13. Honda Crossrunner

    Straight from the Honda press release (sorry bit of a rush) (pics at the end) The Crossrunner represents the best aspects of two separate biking genres: the flexibility and exciting attitude of a Naked performance machine with the upright riding position and rugged appearance of an adventure...
  14. Caberg Konda Helmet... Don't bother

    Product Reviews
    I have been using the Caberg Trip flip front helmet for some years now and it's starting to look "dog eared" and tatty.... I went on T' Interweb and was excited to see that caberg had "updated" the trip for 2010 and the new kid on the block was called the Caberg KONDA. Caberg Trip Caberg...
  15. Clear Indicators - Group buy price

    Hi there, Wanted to start a new thread on this so that anybody who wanted clear lights would have a look (not just an old thread that they had visited) There was talk about clear indicators for the Varadero. I sent a mail to a couple of people looking for a group buy price, and this was the...
  16. Flushing oil in bikes?

    Mechanical Advice
    What are your thoughts on the use of flushing oil in bike with wet clutches & integrated gearboxes at oil change time? I have previously used flushing oil in car engines, but wonder if it is suitable for use in bikes, particulary with respect to potential clutch plate contamination, gearbox...
  17. For Sale: Childrens Motorcycle/motoX Clothing and Boots

    For Sale / Wanted
    Roll up, Roll up, Kids clothing and boots!! I'm listing the following items for my 12 year old nephew, who has sold his motorbike. Everything is hardly worn and I would class as almost new. The boots have a bit of mud on them but I'll ask him to clean them up. This is all good kit, you...
  18. Pannier racks

    Does anyone know if i can buy the honda pannier racks for the integrated lugage that comes with a new varadero without buying the full set of luggage? there's a brand new one coming onto the job fleet soon, and it will have full integrated luggage, but I'm looking at changing my 99 carbed vara...
  19. T Y R E for integrating Google and TomTom

    I kept meaning to post this, as a mate of mine says it's brilliant. I haven't used it myself yet, but thought I'd let you all know as it's a freebie. Tyre Bob :thumbup:
  20. Did you know of plans for compulsory community service ????

    I dont normally get involved in political shenanigans, but this has got me a bit rattled ('compulsory' - another erosion of our/our childrens freedom), and was released low key in News of the world (but i found it on the internet) : By Ian Kirby, 12/04/2009 PM Gordon Brown intends to...