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  1. Varadero
    Does anyone know if a 2008 right hand starter switch fits a 2001 model? Pictured they look identical. I need to buy one and got hold of this one on the net. I turned off the bike with the key and the starting engine continued to run and I also hit the killswitch but it kept going for another...
  2. Chatter
    I just found this article regarding bike thieves in Manchester getting their just desserts. Not the most intelligent creatures on the planet. Dim thieves caught by police after posting pictures of themselves posing with luxury stolen cars and bikes on Facebook | Mail Online
  3. Discounts / Deals
    Halfords | Haynes Honda XL600/650V Transalp and XRV750 Africa Twin (87-07) how many wil be on ebay next week !!
  4. Chatter
    Just noticed I've got about 50 posts left until I reach 5K:o The quandry is do I start posting crap like Chad and Vader (and I have to say just lately Boris) or do I carry on just posting sharp, intelligent and interesting stuff? :p:p:p
  5. Chatter
    On Wireless 4, the station that we braying idiots listen to, there was an item this morning about a finding that populations which are tall are generally healthier, more successful, wealthier, and more intelligent than shorter populations. Which caused me to think of the chilling question...
  6. Africa Twin
    evening wiring gurus i know it has been covered in a number of topics, but now i am just confused! :confused: If i dont want to go down the cigar lighter route, or relay route and i just want to find a switched live to power a Starcom Bluetooth adapter. Where is the easiest place to jump it...
  7. Ride Reports and Pictures
    left home at 07:30 saturday. overcast & +/- 13°c. Rode over to a mate's to meet the others & after a quick coffee off we went. As the southern Jura & High Jura are what could be described as my old stamping ground, I had been volonteered to ride point. The ride down the N6 as far as chalon sur...
  8. Chatter
    Well I went to this show yesterday and I am shocked to admit that the 800GS is gorgeous !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:rolleyes::rolleyes::D:D. Lots of stuff for sale but I did'nt see any really good deals (some of the kit was cheaper on fleabay!). Stood lookin at the 800GS on the BM stand and a...
  9. Mechanical Advice
    this just in: Tecstar Electronics Ltd, Bramley Road, St Ives, Cambridgeshire, UK PE27 3WS +44 (0)1480 399499 CUSTOMER NEWS October 2007 Ref: PR-191332 Dear Customer, We at StarCom1 have an active development program and are continuously working on and releasing new products and...
1-9 of 28 Results