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  1. Test Ride Reports
    I bought a Triumph Tiger 800XC at the beginning of 2011 and following a summer season here in the UK I would like to report my findings, if for no other reason, to clarify the half truths regarding my complaints over the last six months. Following the press releases through the MSN I was...
  2. Accessories
    I'm considering getting a flip screen for my RD07 from Wemoto can any one tell me what the difference is between the light and dark tint in terms of darkness, don't really want clear but not sure if the dark will be to dark, any one gpt any photos of theirs or any opinions?
  3. Accessories
    Hi All, Ive decided not to bother with contacts again and instead look at buying Transition lenses for glasses as the summer is the only time I feel the need for contacts - to allow me to wear shades. So, the question is: Are they actually quick enough? My other big gripe is that I am...