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  1. Transalp
    I found a TA600 on ebay, here in UK, the seller said it has IoM logbook, so no MOT on the bike. If I want to buy it and keep it what should I do and how much is the costs? Can I keep the IoM reg? Any advice appreciated here.
  2. Chatter
    Got back today from a weekend at the TT, anyone else go? What a cracking weekend, the amount of bikes there was awesome. Never pay again for live sex! | Hot girls doing naughty stuff for free! | Chat for free!
  3. Chatter
    I don't get out much. But in mid-May I shall clamber aboard my twenty-eight-year-old GPz900r and be making my way from down here in The Middlesea, across The EU, to UK, IoM and The TT. The question I wish to pose to you Knowledgeable Ones, is this ... are 'Hi Viz' garments now a legal...
  4. Competitions / Trials
    I'm going to take a long weekend to the TT in June with a few mates and was wondering what the difference is, if any, in departing from Liverpool as opposed to Heysham? Also, anyone got any top tips for good campsites within striking distance (staggering distance ideally) of Douglas? Links...
  5. Competitions / Trials
    Any one from XRV going over to the tt, will be there from 23rd may till 6th june if so let me know, would be good to meet up as over on my own..cheers, iain.
  6. Dominator / FMX
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  7. Chatter
    Nicked from another site but affects anyone wanting to go trail riding in the Isle of Man...... next it will be band the TT :shock: :lol: :wink: Dear sirs, Can you help us keep the Isle of Man's green lanes open? Trail riders in the IoM are coming under a lot of pressure from certain...
1-7 of 7 Results