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  1. Wanted: Honda Helix

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    Hi all, I am currently seriously considering buying an old Honda Helix Scooter. I have had Silverwings before and currently have a new SH125 as my daily commuter, however I do fancy a Helix! Somas I am currently researching them I came across this Advert for the Helix from 1986! This has to...
  2. Wanted: TA 600 (1995) right hand side rear panel

    For Sale / Wanted
    I'm desperately looking for the above named part :) Must be in usable condition, fixing lugs must be undamaged, I don't mind fixable cracks, scratches. Color is irrelevant.
  3. irrelevant drivel!

    I was looking at the MCN MotoGP poster that i have on my wall at work and kept wondering why there were a Couple of Yamaha Thunderaces on it! then i realised that at first glance the Ducati Desmothingywhatsit has a very similar profile to the venerable Yam!! check it out!! Yamaha Thunderace...