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  1. HELP! I need to replace Rear Brake switch on 650 Transalp 07

    My brake switch isnt working on the rear brake i have bought new switch but cant find anything about how to get to it? or how to dismantle it...? Anyone offer some advise or diagrams? Thanks in advace
  2. Size of top yoke nut?

    Africa Twin
    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows or could check for me the size of the top yoke nut (the chrome one) so i can buy the right tool (my adjustable spanner isnt big enough). Thankyou
  3. Bulbs

    Africa Twin
    Usual question, but a brief panic moment. Had my @ since Jan 2006, not blown any bulbs till now, and just blown two in two weeks. Have checked the voltage on the battery, thinking it might be a regulator, but all seems normal Please tell me this is paranoia and the @ isnt heading south for...
  4. New green lane web site

    Not sure where to post this as there isnt a specific green lane section. Although this site has been set up by 4x4 enthusiasts its intention is to encourage all grenlane users. Its still in its very early stages yet, but that means now is the time to get involved, come...
  5. First XRV Members Wedding....See it live.

    Hi everyone. Well a bit of fantastic news. 2 friends of mine and yours are tying the knot on friday 8th February in sunny Las Vegas Nevada. All im gonna say is they got together at the national meet in 2007. So XRV clearly isnt just about bikes. Its about making great friends and in this...
  6. Strange tickover on my xr250r

    The tickover on my 1997 XR250RT is running slightly high. The strange thing is - if I 'blip' the throttle then it returns to a normal steady tickover speed. If I then pull away and come to a stop - then the tickover is high again and I have to blip the throttle to get it to return to the slow...
  7. Newbie...

    Hi all...After years of saying im going to get my bike license i finally did it in October i went through the Direct Access course and passed it first time.So knowing zilch about bikes i looked around and liking the trail look i finally opted for a pre regd 07 (0 miles on clock) Transalp in...
  8. Nearly finished work for Xmas

    Hoo bloody ray :D, only got to waste/'work' a few more hours and im done for the year. Then me and the Mrs can crack open the beer and wine, chocolates and mince pies and gorge ourselves stupid + spend some great time with our son - Isnt Christmas great :D:D :wav:
  9. Light speed Vs teleportation

    Well Thanks for all the support , picked up the bike on Sunday morning 25o km round trip , handed over the cash , didnt even start it up on the trailer and home , droped the bike at me mates house , key in stand up and the greatest buzz ive ever had , off the bike into the car and home ...
  10. engine rattle.

    Africa Twin
    Hello all. I ve recently noticed a faint rattle at about 4000 rpm whilst i am riding along. I think the sound is comming from the engine/gearbox, but when i am stationary i have built the revs up to 4000rpm and the noise isnt there.. i am wondering if it the gearbox? - or the output shaft...
  11. introduction and some questions

    hay all, im martyn, friday last week i picked up a near mint xl125r, c reg thats in real good condition for its age, i picked it up cheap from a guy at work thats had it for 3 years using it for work, i baught it with some running issues, long and short of it he'd just re built engine after a re...
  12. Touratech Tank Bag Issues

    Africa Twin
    Splashed out and brought a TT tank bag with extra side pockets, ok..... I can live with the fact the side pockets cover the side engine vents... but how the F****ck do you fuel the bike without taking it all off... there isnt a fuel cap hole in the base, not even a template ... if I cut where I...
  13. i said i wasnt going to do this again

    but ive kind of got this idea see:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: and its going to cost a bit:p but hear me out:angel9: i really fancy another GS but a 1200adv but ive got to face facts im not going to be able to afford one for a bloody long time:( so ive got to thinking two...
  14. convince me!!!

    Other Bikes
    Hi all. I am looking to buy a new bike but I cant diside between a BMW 1100/1150 gs og an AT. I am going to use the bike for everyday riding, short and long trips sometimes with my woman on the bachseat :love6: Can you convince me to get the AT??? (isnt it best to change the AT's seat...
  15. isnt it nice when

    you make a purchace to find that the products you have purchaced not only live up to expectations but exceed them:D :D :D out for a ride this eve riding through the most spectacular thunder storm it was totally pissing down:o sky lit up all over..and the michelin road pilots were awsome it...
  16. lunched xrv

    Africa Twin
    Gidday all. new bloke on the block and a bit of history. I brought a mint rdo7 in oct 05 and in may last year the engine lunched it self on the way to austria (at 1.30am somewhere near Nurnburg on a sunday.Great timing eh!) RACd back to blighty and still lanuashing at a mates as im still in...
  17. The Great Kid's Day (Wash) Out

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    The Great Kid's Day (Wash) Out - Part 1 OK, so it was raining. But it's a bank holiday for heaven's sake, it always rains :crybaby: No need to be alarmed - it'll ease off - it always does :D Got a txt from Whealie saying it was all systems go so we saddled up and rode west :thumbup: We...
  18. What a washout

    well another bank holiday and it raining, so the bike and panniers staying in the garage, no point going out for fun getting drowned, risking camera and sleeping in a tent which isnt big enough to do anything else other than sleep and it means gota wait till august for the next bank hols tooo
  19. End of the road for the Transalp?

    When you count your pennies to buy a new bike, wouldnt you rather have a Kawa Versys than a TA? It isnt pretty but it's cheaper, with ABS, more power, better mpg etc etc. And what does Mabel mean in her signature - saying that you dont know how many people you affect till you're dead? I...
  20. Wiring Heated Grips

    Africa Twin
    Moved this as I realised I had stupidly put it in the Transalp section... ''I wired my oxford grips to the output side of the fuse box to the fan circuit. very easy to connect to. the heated grips have their own fuse and chances of the fan kicking up at the same time the heated grips are on...