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  1. Dam Speedo is on the way out now

    Dominator / FMX
    Probably something to do with how I put the bike back together after changing the front pads and disc a few weeks ago although no signs of any issued before today. Speedo seems to be going up the wall. Needle jumping about a lot! Is this just going to be the able? Wondering if this is a fault...
  2. Registering my AT

    Hi all, anyone know what I have to do to register my AT in the UK that has been previously registered in Northern Ireland. I tried just sending reg doc to DVANI but they have just sent the doc back to me stating that as I have a UK address I need to take doc to local vehicle licensing office...
  3. Parking ticket

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  4. Spare Key Blank - advice needed

    Africa Twin
    I need to get a spare key blank. There are 2 kinds listed as OEM for the RD07A (Type 1 and Type 2) and the difference between the two is denoted by the letter stamped on your existing key. My problem is, the one existing key I have doesn't have anything stamped on it. Nuttin, nada. And I don't...
  5. International challenge issued!

    Competitions / Trials
    NO bikes under 600cc seems a good place to start the rules discussion!! Sounds like fun - combined with the Danish invasion, Vader did you lot get that far last time?? :hitler:.