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  1. 2 itches 1 big scratch!

    Last April I bought my 700 Transalp and immediately started to make plans for a long trip to Budapest, Hungary. However a couple of mates let me know that they also would like to go and not being bikers we went in my campervan. It turned out to be a great trip and really good fun. The itch didnt...
  2. Trail tech Vapour.

    Dominator / FMX
    I just got a mate to order this from the states for me. :blob7: STEALTH BLACK TRAIL TECH VAPOR COMPUTER AND 022-TM MOUNT 02-03 CRF450R + CR500 | eBay I couldnt find the dash in europe so I sent some dosh to a mate in Philadelphia (where they make the cream cheese?) He then sends it to me as a...
  3. Wanted: Honda Helix

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all, I am currently seriously considering buying an old Honda Helix Scooter. I have had Silverwings before and currently have a new SH125 as my daily commuter, however I do fancy a Helix! Somas I am currently researching them I came across this Advert for the Helix from 1986! This has to...
  4. The Vectra is gone, Long live the Skoda

    Well my trusty Vectra SRI has finally kicked the bucket. After 120 000 miles of hooning around the West Coast roads of Scotland, I've decided to part company with the old girl. Time for a change, so I went and bought this little beauty Picked her up in Newcastle last weekend, absolute...
  5. Think i'm becoming a hipocrite

    A while ago i cancelled my subscription to ride magazine as i thought it was becoming rather pants, several times since cancelling they phoned me and made me different offeres to resubscribe last week they phoned and i said no not interested. I was in Tesco this evening and thought "wonder if...
  6. BBC news

    I was just watching the BBC news and they did a bit in Somalia about the aid it was getting from Oxfam and the UN. They went live to a reporter in Dabudd ( think spelling is correct) he was around a water bouser / make shift well type thing. There were several kids around it trying to get water...
  7. Remember your Granny asking if you had clean underwear on?

    Always wear clean underwear in public, especially when working under your vehicle. From the Daily News comes this story of a Leicester couple who drove their car to ASDA, only to have their car break down in the car park. The man told his wife to carry on with the shopping while he fixed the...
  8. Black Panels RD07a

    Africa Twin
    Could anyone point me in the right direction for a few panels to fit an RD07a (Y) Black Africa Twin 1.Nose cone 2.Nearside front panel that joins the tank to the nose cone 3.decal makers- people who have already got & cut out grapics for Africa Twins. I'm currently sporting a broken arm &...
  9. sacrificial fingers

    I've spent months waiting for decent weather of an evening to start rebuilding my twin. and today is the day. First job plastic off and inspected. Done Second job remove front wheel to change disks.... Ooooh what's this a tight nut! No problem, I'll just lean on it a bit more, but is that...
  10. Closing curtains more dangerous than motorbike racing

    Valentino Rossi needs stitches after injuring himself closing the curtains Be careful out (in?) there boys and girls - never mind ice on the roads, those drapes are out to get you...
  11. Itch

    Africa Twin
    Hello All, Just registered for the site, looks good. Previously owned a GS, great bike, but had to cut back on the finance as my daughter was born in Nov last year. :angel10: But it itches... and want another bike. Africa Twin has a good reputation, and is more affordable than GS...
  12. Weekend weather

    Chatter This video had me in stitches :D:D:D:D:D:D:thumbup:
  13. Sick as a Dog...Name change !!!

    Well, the saga of AKA SICK NOTE..(The dog we "rescued" back in March....See Avatar) continues. Broken tooth a few weeks ago...= £500 ish. Operation last Monday week..Intestinal blockage...(so-called Tuff Toys)...+ £1050 ish Right now being operated on again Intestinal...