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  1. through south america

    Hi Folks Looking to start planning for the trip of a lifetime. Has anyone got pointers toward recommended reading/reference material or other websites where I can begin to plan/research for this trip. Have no dates for departure or time scales penciled in. This thread is a starting point for...
  2. Thasos island - Greece, a green paradise

    Pictures from the beautiful island of Thassos. Daily trip one year ago. The itinerary; .............and the pics; On the Ypsarion mountain
  3. Glorious age of steam - Trevithick Day

    Today was Trevithick Day in Camborne they hold it every year ( for the last 30yrs). There was the full size engine, small dinky stream engines and the occasional steam car. There was a good turn out of engines although not as many as the last few years not sure of the reason for that. All the...
  4. National meet Itinerary

    Past National Meets
    Without wishing to fill this section full of National Meet this & National Meet that type of stuff,is there any kind of rough itinery for the weekend - rideouts planned, wet T shirt competitions etc? And is there some chance this thread for this thread to remain (even slightly) on topic! Phil