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    Just thought I'd mention it, bye
  2. Chatter
    each evening this week 21:00 to 22:00 ITV4 has a TT related program. Monday was a program about Conor Cummins, have not seen my recording yet, last night a historical look back and interviews with some of the more recent record holders. tonight looks at preparation for the TT Thursday looks...
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    Coming to a telly near you in June on ITV4 for the fans of the old 2stroke racers The Unrideables - YouTube
  4. Insurance
    For anyone out there from Holland/Netherlands, can you tell me how often a Dutch registered motorcycle needs to be inspected by the government? In the UK, this is the MOT I am talking about. In Spain, ITV, etc but I understand in some countries, motorcycles never need to be inspected. Any...
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    On ITV4 now the ride will over the Spring bank holiday details to follow
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    On ITV now! All about massive tax dodgers! People are starting to protest to force company's to pay there taxes.:blob5: very interesting. ;) Look up not down:thumbleft:
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    Some of you might have seen it, it was on the North East ITV news yesterday. Quote from another forum "My dad told me this guy was going to ride the Enfeilds as a holiday a while ago, then he showed me this on his phone, the original was about 8 minutes long, "alright" "alright" "Ok" "Wooooooh...
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    England Draw 1-1 with USA. The ITV went to adverts just as England Scored so Everyone missed it. The Equalizer was a silly mistake by the goal keeper.:(
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    Saw this on the news earlier. A friend of mine had a similar thing - quite a few years ago "to discourage people following too close"! Yorkshire Regional News | Calendar - ITV Local
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    A couple of quick questions, to which I hope somebody has a definitive answer. Am I legally required to have a TV Licence to watch BBC, and ITV programmes via the Internet (using BBC's iPlayer and ITV's ITVplayer)?? Also, do I need to have a TV Licence if I use one of those little hand...
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    What a load of crap BBC & ITV has served up this year, if it was'nt for Wallace & Gommit and The Royale Family, God knows why we pay our licence fee, they should be ashamed :mad:
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    According to my cable box, ITV4 is showing Police, Camera, Action!'s "The Liver Run" this evening at 6pm. All I really remember of watching the original airing was my excitement, and the webpage brings back some memories! Anyone else tuning in?
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    .... ITV2, now, The Bourne Identity Franka Potente :love10::love10::love10::love7::love6::love5::love4::sex:
  14. Mechanical Advice
    Hi. I'm an old guy who just left a 15 years of Harleys and bought a Dominator 2002. Its really fun, and I feel like I'm fourteen again, and got my first bike, a Husqvarna 150. After a few weeks I feel that a bit more power would be fine to have and I think there are some kits you can buy for...
  15. tt

    I love my @ but watching the TT preview on ITV4 I want another sports bike
  16. Chatter
    Did anyone see the boxing on ITV on Saturday night ? Im Famous ... was spotted behind Barry McGwiggan (sp) when he was interviewed after the Kahn fight. The wife was working at the Millenium Stadium in Cardiff, so I tagged along... Media Pass / Ring side seats and free beer / food afterwards...
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    If only Dave had come up with a different name for this site he could have sold it to ITV and be sitting on £30m. Oh well. Whealie
1-17 of 20 Results