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  1. I'd like to introduce myself....................
    I don't seem to have introduced myself when I joined in '11 (I think). My name is John, I live in sunny Queensland, tht's the north east portion of Australia about 300km north of the Tropic of Capricorn. I have 4 bikes, 3 that are running, including my '03 XL650V Transalp that I bought new in...
  2. XR
    Hello everyone, I'm having a difficult time removing my 350's engine. I've followed the manual and have removed everything and I've even removed all the engine mounts. However, when I try to remove the lower left engine bolt it doesn't have enough room to come out before it hits the frame...
  3. Varadero
    Does anyone know of a "jack up kit" to raise the height of a Varadero XL1000 ? Thanks
  4. Varadero
    Hi folks any recommendations on a bike jack ? I have an aba stand that I can fiddle to fit the dareo and the tranny but would like something that I can use on a whim Seen a few on amazon but some look like mechano Sent from my SM-T580 using Tapatalk
  5. Africa Twin
    Mine is still on the jack as I resolve the previous owners bodges but I wondered what other people were doing with theirs? Almost done... Just a few odds and sods to be found! [emoji2] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Africa Twin
    Right after finally getting round and fitting my jack up kit and getting my bro To extend my side stand i'm after some lower footpegs. Does anyone use them and can you buy them ? My bro is quite happy to fabricate some lower pegs but does anyone know what needs doing to make these ? Cheers Bob.
  7. For Sale / Wanted
    I have a new batch of front and rear jack up kits on order comprising of front slugs x2 and the rear shock bracket. I have just 4 sets available at this time. The front slugs take a standard KTM release valve I.e. M4x0.7 thread. Please PM me if interested.
  8. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Took the DR out for a quick spin around the Black Isle last weekend. The weather up til then was a little mixed.:(, but made good use of the break, only about 8 miles from me ;) This track had wet clay beneath it, the next hill was steeper,came to a dead end. Good craic going up, not so hot...
  9. For Sale / Wanted
  10. For Sale / Wanted
    Sold This came with my bmw but I don't use it , it has mains power lead usb lead and bike power lead and also a jack plug lead but i'm not sure what this does £50
  11. For Sale / Wanted
    From this batch I have the following stock left:- 1 complete set of front slugs with valves 2 sets of front slugs without valves I can still get new rear brackets if required Prices are as follows:- Front pair of slugs £80 pair Front slug valves £14 pair Rear riser shock bracket £75 each...
  12. Mechanical Advice
    Hi there all, Since my family has doubled recently (2nd bike ;)) I am considering the purchase of a proper bike jack. I am looking for something with the following characteristics 1. can be packed away 2. does not involve pumps/machines but a simply hydraulic lifting mechanism 3. I am not...
  13. Dominator / FMX
    hi all does anyone know if the suspension linkage can be flipped upside down to give the slr a bit more lift ? or would making my own linkage be a better idea if so whats the best metal to use ? regards kingBean =]
  14. For Sale / Wanted
    More stuff for sale to fund the AT coffers Handheld single function calibrators in the familiar Fluke 80 Series DMM package. This calibrator is compact and lightweight with easy-to-use pushbutton interface. Simple controls Clear 5 digit LCD display Operating temperature -10 to +55°C Measure...
  15. Africa Twin
    Hi, I am Jack living near Gouda, the netherlands and I just bought my first AT, its a bonestock purple 1994 RD07 in very very good condition with around 50000 kilometer on the clock. Have been driving an old BMWR60/6 and a few motorscooters SH125, SW600 and NSS250 before but as I am 6.4 the AT...
  16. Africa Twin
    Right, have got centre stand fitted, new tyres came today. Back tyre out is now easy. If I jack the front wheel just off the ground and take the front out as well will the whole thing crash down backwards? I cant really see it happening but would feel a right plonker if it did.
  17. Off Topic Lounge
    Garmin Zumo 660LM or Tomtom Rider V4/5, this is my dilema although I like the sound of the new Tomtom although I have yet to read an independant review of one. Has anyone on here had any experience of either unit? I like the idea that the Garmin has a 3.5mm jack and an mp3 player built in, on...
  18. Off Topic Lounge
    im a big fan of andy sparrow and his work 'BLOODRUNNERS' by Andy Sparrow © i actually emailed him and asked if it was ok to nick his famous slogan ,,,,,,,,,,,, " one wheels enough " so here they are , my new bumper / van stickers what ya think lads ?????
  19. Off Topic Lounge
    Bill Tarmey, but lets face it, everyone knew him as Jack Duckworth. Bill Tarmey death: Coronation Street's Jack Duckworth passes away aged 71 | Mail Online Never pay again for live sex! | Hot girls doing naughty stuff for free! | Chat for free!
1-19 of 54 Results