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  1. Clothing
    Greetings, Just arrived here, well I need a some suggestion regarding rider jackets for Halloween, I saw some pretty good jackets on Halloween Coupon code 2019, and I pick out 2 jackets pic shown below. Can you guys help me to pick one in these jackets, Which one is best or suitable for Halloween?
  2. Clothing
    Hi guys I am looking quite hard online for 2mm leather jackets but it seems the 1.1-1.4mm range is mostly in fashion. Anyone knows of a good brand that makes leather thickness higher than that range please? Thanks
  3. For Sale / Wanted
    now that the translap is gone, time to clear the loft. 1 held matera gore tex pro shell jacket, medium, new still in bag. comes with upgraded Held D30 Armour throughout. id say this is the same quality as a rukka pro shell Cost me £700 sell £310 posted. this one: Held Matera Gore Tex Mens...
  4. Clothing
    My old Heine Gericke jacket and trousis combo is on it's last legs but six years is not so bad. I am looking for quality replacements and they must do everything, be warm in winter, waterproof and breathable oh and durable. Halvarrsons have a good reputation, I have a budget up to say £500 for...
  5. Clothing
    I purchased one of these today I have not worn it on the bike yet as I still have a bit of recovery time from the operation, which has left me with a bit more metal in me !!!! I am not supposed to lift anything heavier than 10lbs for 6months so that even counts getting the Vara off its side...
  6. Clothing
    Found this in my inbox today. Seems M&P are selling off some stock at £60 off. If you're in need of a new jacket maybe worth a look Motorbike Clothing-Motorcycle Clothing-Helmets-Motorbike Helmets-Motorcycle Helmets John
  7. Off Topic Lounge
    Found this on Therevounter forum - Transport Research Laboratory: High Conspicuity* Garments for Road Workers, Final Report. I refer the reader to Figure 10 on Page 37. And the powers that be are still trying to force "Highly Conspicuous" Hi-Viz Jackets on users motorcyclists in the totally...
  8. Off Topic Lounge
    Flip front helmets £39.99 Gloves £13.99 waterproof jackets and trousers £39.99 + £39.99 Tank bags £19.99 From Thursday 12th July
  9. Off Topic Lounge
    At Galloway a few folk had these thin down or man made fibre insulated pullovers / jackets and I really liked the idea of something that I could use that would be warmer and pack down better then a big woolly jumper. I'm not looking for a full on winter jacket but rather something lightweight...
  10. Off Topic Lounge
    Right all you mountain goats;) me bones are geeting old and feeling the cold:( so getting a down jacket. what fill weight do I go for ?550 or 800 or inbetween , only for walking, sitting around the camps at night. Chose down so it`ll compact for the bike, have windstopper clothing but nowt...
  11. For Sale / Wanted
    Hi guys i have to bike jackets for sale one is a XL furygan jacket that is brand new never been worn that i got from J&S in new maldon i had purchased another jacket that did not fit and they would not give me a refund so i got a credit note instead, got this jacket andf now im just trying to...
  12. Clothing
    Any experiance or know of any reviews of the different makes or inflateable jackets?
  13. Clothing
    What kind of jacket do you all recommend i need some thing which is good all year round ive own a buffalo which i still have may get another.this summer ive been wearing a difi jacket but i think i need something tougher like my old buffalo.i like the enduro off road look budget is...
  14. Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    Where can I get one not tooo far from Bedfordshire? Mines getting too muddy too often and College are questioning why Im looking like Im a tramp on a knicked Dominator (no fairings etc...lmao)... cheers Oz
  15. Clothing
    Hi all I am considering buying an Akito Desert jacket now that I have ... ahem.... outgrown my old one. Searching the forum I get the impression that the quality will be OK for the price, but I am just wondering about the sizing :confused: I went to Hein Gerricke and tried on a whole bunch...
  16. Clothing
    After been away from bikes for a good few years I realise that I no longer no whats good and whats not where the above are concerned. I have decided on a Bike which is a "MY00 XRV750 Africa Twin" which I am collecting in a week or so, a helmet "the SHOEI HORNET DS in Matt Grey with a tinted...
  17. Clothing
    Hello folks, Been considering an Airbag jacket and have done a bit of research. So far I have discivered the Helite, Hit-Air, and the expensive Dainese D-air. They look pretty good, and a great idea but I've never seen one in the UK. I dom't suppose anyone has got one? I'm assuming they are...
  18. Clothing
    Need to buy new jacket, trousers and boots Any recommendations? type, manufacturer, place to buy? Hampshire/Surrey
1-19 of 23 Results