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  1. Topping up oil with Repsol fully synthetic JASO MA2

    Africa Twin
    Hi all On a road trip in Europe at the moment and need some advice. I had the engine oil changed and full service about 2000 miles ago at my local Honda main dealer in the uk. I'm not sure what oil was used but assume it was the recommended type. I'm not sure if that would be semi or fully...
  2. For Sale: Millers Motorsport Oils - new range at Opies

    For Sale / Wanted
    Opie Oils now stock the brand new award winning motorcycle oils and fluids from Millers Oils . Millers Oils have a range of high performance motorcycle oils formulated to cope with the high revving nature and higher operating temperatures experienced with motorcycle engines. Suitable for...
  3. My trip is going up in (exhaust) smoke!

    Africa Twin
    Hi Everyone, I'm looking for some help please with my XRV750 Africa Twin (1995 RD07). I've noticed recently that it's putting out smoke when revved on startup. It's not visible at idle, and it goes away when the engine heats after a couple of minutes. (See pic). It seems worse in colder...
  4. The Vigor FX experience

    Dominator / FMX
    New to the Big Single experience and new to the forum. I bought one of Bobn's well fettled Vigors on a whim because I wanted a Winter bike. Knowing nothing about them its all been a learning curve, and as it happens a real good one. Ideally suited to our sugar beet lorrry, mud encrusted country...
  5. Dominator - New Clutch Hard shifint gears (ingage/disengage)

    Dominator / FMX
    Hello, I really need some help please. I have a Honda Dominator 650cc 1990 with 69.323km. (rides ok) I decided to replace the clutch it was near the limits. I both on a Honda dealer original parts: clutch friction plates (7) ref. 22201-MK2-000 clutch plates (6) ref. 22321-KA4-710 clutch...
  6. Highest mileage FX/SLR/FMX and cruising RPM

    Dominator / FMX
    Right folks, just thought I'd poll opinions here on what sort of speed/RPM you sit your FX/SLR/FMX at when on long motorway runs, when fitted with the standard gearing combination? I'll start the ball rolling with 60-65MPH indicated at about 4500RPM, the reason I pick this speed is that 4500RPM...
  7. Wanted: Wanted rd07 fairing

    For Sale / Wanted
    Anyone got a fairing/panels for an rd07? Bought Jason's AT & now starting to get it sorted after being stood, I can get the fairing repaired or pick up another and get it painted. So what's out there?
  8. I was looking into my crystal ball today ,

    and this is what i have seen I reckon not long from now this wil be Jason and Harvey
  9. Hello XR chaps/chappesses

    Thought I best say hello seeing as my first post was a "problem"post. Picked up my 1998 XR400R the other day and since then, it's been a case of get up, shower, breakfast, tinker with bike. So far, I'm happy. So, what have I done so far? Adjusted valve clearances. Retentioned the manual...
  10. Tauerntreffen Austria 2014

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    The proper RR Ok first up i want to point out that it was a post here on ABR which brought the Tauernrally to my attention.I saw a pic of a Tent buried in snow which sparked my interest. So after a year of planning and general fluffing about we actually set of last week Tuesday. My Mate Jason...
  11. Happy Birthday Kitped

    Have a great day Jason
  12. Happy birthday. Jasonbc and Beddowsm

    Have a great day, guys!
  13. Sunny Cornwall

    Was down for a week with the strange one, staying at a place near Cambourne, Jason BC's patch. Met up with Jason at Spoonies, great to meet you with you Jason, excellent company ( don't know who the strange bod was at the end though :D ) Myself and the wife enjoyed the craic. First time I've...
  14. Man down

    Ian Coats the intrepid XRV explorer has had a tumble, on Sunday he was on his barn roof and unfortunately fell through it onto the floor below, he was airlifted to Huddersfield Royal and then transferred to Leeds General which is where he still is right now. He has broken his pelvis and is...
  15. Sick room

    A lot of us on here are people 'of a certain age' and have or will have ailments. I have certainly benefitted from other members kind words and thoughts in the past when I've had problems so why not post here if you'd like to talk about your aching limbs etc. I see on another thread that J has...
  16. All you Tax Payers!

    For all the UK tax payers out there, THIS is what your "one days work a week for the taxman" pays for.... Benefit scrounger scum daybreak - YouTube :mad: (Come on Jason, we're all waiting for you!!!!)
  17. Happy birthday Kitped

    Many happy returns Jason (Hurrah! I am never first to get to birthday announcements. This may be my first):D
  18. 2002 TA bars

    Hi all!. I`m new here. I`ve had my Alp for about a yr now and absolutely love it!. Did wales last yr, Scotland and Eire this yr. Unfortunatly had an off in Eire and bent the bars and snashed the hand guard (r/h). A few scuffs and scrapes to the bodywork, but fortunatly the panniers took most of...
  19. Hereford to Applecross, West Coast Scotland

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Just done my first big trip on my Africa Twin. with Pops (Rob Webb) BMW F800GS, ORO (Jason Turner) 1998 Africa Twin, Mike Brittain Honda Varadero 1000 & Martin Lambert Yamaha Diversion. Saturday 15th Sept - Left Hereford at 2:30am, arrived Red Squirrel Campsite, Glencoe at 5:30pm. 440 miles...