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  1. Picos de Europa

    Last week, I was in the Picos. Don't get too jealous, though - i was in the car. Nevertheless, some superb roads and scenery. And while in Potes, I saw this Dominator. We travelled on the Plymouth - Santander ferry .... it's a 20ish hour journey but comfortable, and judging by the...
  2. Dominator softshell?

    Hey guys, I've recently been sent a photo of my friend's awesome dominator what-looks-like-a-softshell he bought, and i gotta Say i'm pretty jealous about his new piece. I've been searching through the internet for dominator crewneck shirts and softshells but i can't find it. Does anybody know...
  3. New Varadero Owner :)

    Hello every one!! Just...exchanged my old..previous bike to Varadero xl1000 V8:) After few rides I have to say yes that is the bike I was looking for:) Happy man now. :blob7: I have read some threads here and I have to do some Firedero‎ :P this wide rear wheel makes me...
  4. Like a jealous girlfriend

    Africa Twin
    Last week I went to BMW to test ride a new bike, got there and when I went to get my paper part of my licence out of my wallet, which has happily sat in my wallet for the last ten years, it wasn't there... I looked at the at with suspicion. I could not test ride a bmw. So I went to Honda Suzuki...
  5. Daddys little helper

    Dominator / FMX
    My son has been helping me repair my Dominator and as he was such a willing and helpfull assistant, I promised we would video him starting the bike to show off to the girls at school and make his plastic scooter riding mates jealous. Hair was gelled and shades were donned and xbox turned...
  6. Elefant and Castle No. 2

    Well, half term week so I thought I would service the Elefant (big two year belts and shims service) but my car got jealous and decided it needed new pads/discs/front wheel bearings. And as my garage is full of bikes the car gets repaired on the drive, so in between the showers, coffee, and...
  7. Super Villain Garage

    Just a little something to stimulate discussion... You’re a budding super villain, looking to make your name in the villain world. Money is no object, but you don’t yet rule the world so some practicalities exist. At your sprawling estate in the Cotswolds you only have a 5 car garage, which you...
  8. Snowdon

    This is ultimate cruelty to parents !! Son no1 informs me he has changed shift so he can go play out with his mountaineering friends !! While I have to work They all have Mountain Leader and Winter Skills tickets Early start so they can summit and get down in daylight doing Crib Goch Nice...
  9. 1998 AT MoT day!

    Africa Twin
    Just a quick thread to say that my lovely 1998 AT passed it's MoT with flying colours today. The guy said I will need rear pads soon but apart from that it is in 'superb condition' and he was very jealous of it!! Made me grin a bit, even when I handed over £29.65 for his compliment!! It has...
  10. Northern Lights - Scots?

    Anyone see the Northern lights over the last couple of nights? Esspecially the Scottish lot? Biggest solar storm since 2005 meant they should have been visible down into the Scottish borders. I didnt realise until last night otherwise I would have planned a trip up to see. Just wondered if...
  11. Hardcore @ rider

    Africa Twin
    A friend came into the shop where I work today and I told him that I'd bought an Africa Twin and he mentioned a chap called Ian Coats who lives in Hebden Bridge who set off on his Africa Twin for a 4month trip but enjoyed it so much that he's still doing it TEN YEARS LATER! He's been blogging...
  12. Make you jealous. New Motad Desert Bars

    Mechanical Advice
    I managed to get myself some NEW unused Motad Desert crash bars. Aren’t they gorgeous?
  13. LV prepare to be jealous

    Look I've got more bling
  14. You`re gonnabe sooo jealous...!

    Got a bit of a treat coming up at the end of the month, I`ve been asked not to tell what it is yet but I think anyone who is into bikes would give a usefull part of their anatomy to take my place... watch this space...!
  15. Have a BLINDER! Very JEALOUS!!

    Off to Cornwall with the wife & dog for a week 1st thing tomoorow morning and although looking forward to it I'm quite gutted not to be able to attend the big meet, so hope everyone has a good'n and look forward to reading about it & hopefully seeing some pics later on :occasion5: