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  1. chain knacked

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi there Noticed a horrible clacking noise from chain area yesterday, and on investigation looks like my chain has had it. So 2 questions. Is it best to buy chain and sprockets ? Will something like this do ? Honda FX650 VIGOR 99-02 Recommended Upgrade DID Chain & Sprocket Kit | eBay Thanks for...
  2. Martin jennings memorial ride 2009

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Well it was that time of the year again, the Second Sunday in September the usual date for this memorial ride. Martin Jennings was a local racer who was killed in the late 80's at the Isle of Man TT so the ride has been annual ever since. Entry was £3 per bike OR £5 with pillion money raised...
  3. The Jennings Run Movie

    A couple of weeks ago i put a thread up about a local ride in aid of a local biker who was killed in the manx tt a few years ago. Well i filmed most of the morning session using my ATC3K helmet camera and have just put it together, a mate at work also used the same camera and filmed the...
  4. Martin jennings memorial run 2008

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Today was the Martin Jennings Memorial Ride around Cornwall. Martin was killed in the 1988 manx TT. Now on the second sunday in September every year a ride for charity takes place in memorial of him. The entry was £3 per person or £5 for pillion and rider. At the start they raised £4500 for...