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  1. Header flanges

    Dominator / FMX
    I see you can buy new EXH PIPE JOINTS 18231MAK000--but how can you slide them off/on ?
  2. Jack up / lift / increase seat height with rose joints / rod ends

    Africa Twin
    I know this is not the first post on this subject. I did my homework though a searched the forum. Not too keen on reweldning my suspension linkage or pay loads of money for a AQ kit. Neither do I know a local professional to make me one. Saw that someone on the forum used rose joints to...
  3. Time to fit the Nitron

    Africa Twin
    The Sun came out so time to fit the new Nitron shock. During the time i have been waiting for the shock i have been spraying all the bolts joints with WD40 and that paid off this morning, everything came off without any problems all the bearings were free and only required a clean and regrease...
  4. Sold: 1990 Honda XL600V Transalp £450 1 month MOT 6 months tax (Sheffield)

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Right, The tranny is "much loved", well ridden and all the rest. Has served me well over winter but as summer is nearing I am reminded that this bike was meant to be for my other half to go touring on. The MOT runs out on the 3rd of April and it will need work to get through which I just don't...
  5. Daft question - how to clean the AT?

    Africa Twin
    Feel a bit stupid as have had bikes for 25 years but want to clean the AT a different way and thought I'd check beforehand on here to avoid making a silly mistake Want to use my power washer BUT NOT ON FULL BLAST mode. I know about not blasting the grease out of joints etc. Whilst cleaning the...
  6. Newbie wanting an Africa Twin looking for advice

    Africa Twin
    Hi all First post so be gentle with me :p Currently I have a ZX7R and a 200cc Chinese enduro clone but have decided I want an Africa Twin. Something to do with it being a bike of my youth when I started riding. My mate had one in the RWB colour scheme and I thought it looked fabulous As my...
  7. Alarms

    Africa Twin
    Got bit time there today and managed get the alarm system out of bike what a heap of junk. looks like reason it stopped working is some idiot plugged the power and earth both onto positiove of battery. was fitted neatly so all connectons are nice solder joints so i will tidy them up only 2...
  8. Running A Bit Rough

    Hello you lot. I'm in desperate need of some advice here. My big 02 vara is running a bit rough. The best way I can explain it is, if it was a 4 cylinder it would feel like it's running on 3. A couple of times I've started it and warmed it up for a couple of minutes and then set off. It has...
  9. Not another Building project!

    Certainly not on the scale of Boris & Kitpeds but I thought I'd have a go at roofing last weekend. Here's how it went! Firstly, empty the important stuff out of the garage; Next, up on the roof to remove the plastic sheet that was temporarily battoned over the existing roof as a temproary...
  10. BMW G650GS Auxiliary Fuel Tank

    Auxiliary Fuel Tank – BMW G650GS 2011 Introduction BMW have recently introduced the G650GS single cylinder enduro motorcycle (the German for motorcycle is ‘motorrad’ – hence BMW Motorrad). This motorcycle is a continuation of their very successful F650GS (single cylinder) which...
  11. Not so sure about the Gs

    I am seriously thiniking of getting myself something a little smaller, I find moving the big GS around more and more difficult with my age and now my joints ache all the time I am wondering if it's time to get myself something a little smaller A
  12. MSVA Test

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi Guys, Just a quick question, does anybody know if when a motorcycle frame gets welded back together and has an SVA test do they stress test the welds with the maximum recommended weight to check that they will hold? Or is it just a quick visual inspection? Any info on this would be much...
  13. table

    Bodgers Corner
    after the national i was jealous of rubber chicken and a few others with alloy panniers that could cook standing up using them as a stand/table. my knees and back suffer mucking about on the ground but ive got oem honda plastics on my bike so nothings flat. i have designed a neat table that...
  14. XRV650 Ignitech CDI

    Africa Twin
    Had to be recovered the other day due to one of my CDI units packing up; classic symptoms: no spark or rev-counter. I tried re-soldering the connectors as per the known procedure but wasn't very happy with the joints which looked a bit dry. Nevertheless it ran fine.... until failing again...
  15. Richen or weaken

    Africa Twin
    Ok I should know this bug I don't remember. I have exhaust popping on shut off - k&n and Motad conspiring to weaken mixture methinks as all exhaust joints sealed well etc So I think that the mixture is too weak at the bottom end ie in throttle shut off mode so think I will try richen it a bit...
  16. Nitron racing shock on my at

    Africa Twin
    Been saving a bit of cash, and it was my birthday recently, so asked for a new shock :blob5: as my existing ones a bit tired, and the spring toooooo soft. I did a LOT of google research on various companies - affordable shock makers had some very mixed performance reviews with some early...
  17. RD04 Engine Niggles

    Africa Twin
    Still having trouble with my @T engine since the Refurb. I'm sure one of my cam chains is rattling. There is a classic clatter from the front end on de-accelerating. When I start the engine there 'appears' to be a slight misfire and there's some popping back from the exhaust. I know this can...
  18. Remus & Backfire

    Africa Twin
    Just changed my exhaust to the low growling sound i get from the bike now. :thumbup: I realized, however, that im getting some backfiring when decelerating. Didnt feel any leak along the joints of the pipe (i might be wrong). The carbs were serviced prior to the change to Remus...
  19. Signal Minder and LED's In Handguards

    Bodgers Corner
    Well managed to get my LEDS into my handguards and also fitted my signal minder. The signal minder is a nice little bit of kit which replaces the indicator relay in the transalp. It allows you to have timed off indicators, (5/10/20 seconds), and hazard and strobe applications , all using your...
  20. Airbox rubber seating

    Africa Twin
    Hi Tried to seat the airbox back on today after valve clearance check on my 1993 AT Had some backfire. Reckon this has somethin to do with improper installation of the rubber joints. Have read about not thightning the screws to much etc Noticed a small lip/ring where the rubber fits to the...