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  1. Appreciated advice, CUTTING OUT .

    Africa Twin
    Hi everyone, I am a proud owner of a AT RD07A 1997 (Name TOTO) I experienced a bizarre moment this morning as was riding, Toto decided to cut out leaving me with no lights or ignition button working( dead ) 10 minutes later after waiting on the side of the road she started again ! Now I will...
  2. Picos de Europa

    Last week, I was in the Picos. Don't get too jealous, though - i was in the car. Nevertheless, some superb roads and scenery. And while in Potes, I saw this Dominator. We travelled on the Plymouth - Santander ferry .... it's a 20ish hour journey but comfortable, and judging by the...
  3. Parts replacement advice

    Hi, my Varadero as 115000kms on the odo and planing to make a 3200kms trip on it. Since I donno is history and by your experience what parts should I replace to garantie a safe journey? - Fuel pump - Manual cct - regulator thanks
  4. RD07 high Mileage machines. What's your mileage and what have you had to do to it ??

    Africa Twin
    I've bought my fourth Africa Twin. I just couldn't live without one. Again !! But it's also the highest mileage one I've had at 76,000 miles. I know they're good for a lot more. I've rebuilt one at 55,000 miles for a customer and I really wouldn't have bothered. It looked and rode like new...
  5. Motorcycle Vagabonds - Ride around the World

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Around the World on Two Wheels, Vagabond Style We have dreamed of it for many years, until we finally plucked up the courage to leave it all behind. After 3 ½-years travelling around the world on Honda Transalps we are now back and ready to reminisce about the 114,000 miles that have passed...
  6. For Sale: Magnetic tank bag

    For Sale / Wanted
    Selling a spare magnetic tank bag, I have never used it as it came with an old bike Its in good condition and has all the usual features of a tank bag It even says 'Travel Speed Journey Explore' on the top, whats not to like?! £25 delivered to UK mainland PM me if interested Cheers
  7. One pic 750 mile day

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Heading home from Spain a couple of days ago I rode a stupid 750 miles in one day of a two day journey of 1235 miles. Here's my favourite picture of the trip. Canfranc N330a Pyrennes. You could hear a pin drop.
  8. Free beer and Camping.

    I have made this offer every year since I have been a member on this forum. If you find yourself passing through Denmark on your travels , I am offering a free place to pitch your tent and will feed you and give free beers and send you on your way refreshed for your journey. :thumbup: I have one...
  9. Wanted: RD03 R/H side panel

    For Sale / Wanted
    Looking for a right hand side panel (mine went missing after a blustery journey home!).
  10. Water Pump Failure Frequency

    Africa Twin
    Forum Members, Hello and happy holidays. I am interested in learning of the age or mileage any members may have experienced a water pump failure on their AT. I searched the forum and learned water pumps are not frequently discussed. My 1990 RD04 AT with 78k km is being updated for a long...
  11. What are your favorite motorbike songs?

    Ask people on the street to name their favourite ‘motorbike song’, and chances are they lean more to Highway to Hell than Little Honda - beards, leather jackets and Hells Angels-types, not the chirpy 60s tunes some of us grew up with. Here at Bikesure, we want to change public opinion of biker...
  12. Transalp 700 2012 front light upgrade

    Hi, I took the TA to work today, it was pretty glum, raining a bit and seemed to sap any power from my lights. I was wondering if there is an upgrade bulb to shed a bit more light on my journey. Also thinking of some extra lights but I don't want to look like one of those look at me twonks...
  13. Heat wrap headers

    The exhaust headers on the transalp, are a sight for sore eyes. Surface rust galore! I've been considering heat wrapping the headers, which I've done previously on car exhaust manifolds. If I was to heat wrap the bike exhaust, with it being open to the elements, if it gets soaked from rain...
  14. France, Italy, Slovenia and Hungary ride.

    If all goes to plan I should be doing a round trip of around 3000 miles starting from the UK in August. I would like to ride across the Col de la Bonnette in the alps because the gps co ordinates are part of the Transalps paintwork. I've not been to Slovenia before so any tips will be well...
  15. If you had to chose

    Africa Twin
    This is the scenario: You have to commute 140 km daily. You chose to do it on an XLV (say from 92-93) or an XTZ 750 (same age). Which do you chose and why? Note that on the home journey you may be find time to take the longer, dirt road route, home!
  16. Just Two in 300 miles today

    Today, travelled three hundred miles from Nottingham to Dumfriesshire, and saw just the two intrepid motorcyclists out and about during the whole of my journey (me as a passenger in the G/f's car).
  17. Anyone from here?

    I found this while mooching around reading the english daily gossip mags and was wondering if they are known from here and is their trip on record here? It looks like they are riding Afric Twins. From Turkey to Tajikistan, Armenia to Afghanistan: Couple capture breathtaking images as they...
  18. Since Rob passed away ..........

    I have thought a lot since Rob passed away and feel it has affected all of us in many different ways, the ride to the funeral was for me was the feeling of unbelievable pride in being a part of this amazing group of people and such an honour that Catherine made us such a big part of Rob's...
  19. RIP Frad - Rob Fradley

    Rob has been a very active, popular and much liked member of XRV, manking many good friends over the years. Unfortunately Rob passed away yesterday Saturday 23rd, peacefully. It was Robs wish to be sent off on his final journey by as many motorcycle mounted friends as possible. Phil...
  20. Wanted: Xl 600 lmf side panel

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi everyone , I picked up my lovely xl 600 lmf , it's my second one so I was delighted to find another good one , on journey home as I stopped for a break and was walking around bike admiring it I was sick to discover that my battery cover side panel had blown off, can anyone help with sourcing...