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  1. ERZBERG 2007 - a short picture story

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    As promised, here is a sequel to my previous post on the Erzberg expedition. A few random pics... here we go! We leave on wednesday morning early, our "racing twins" are eager to reach Eisenerz in Austria. The first sight we get of the Iron Mountain... we are so thrilled! The...
  2. photochromatic visors

    A while back I was thinking of getting a photochromatic (goes darker in sunlight) insert for my visor. In the end bought a far cheaper standard Fog City. Anyway, need a new visor, and now I see you can get a CaraCoat photochromatic visor. This would be cheaper than getting a normal Arai...
  3. [IMG]

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Hi, this is my new toy :D