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  1. Do I have a chain problem or worse?

    Africa Twin
    Please see this video the chain is jumping around on tickover, is there an issue with my chain or drive?
  2. On the road please help

    Africa Twin
    Hi before holiday in Italy I play with air/fuel screw as I thought it's running to lean and overheat to much. Unscrew half turn more. During ride when trying to drive more then 65 miles engine start losing power (the jumping feelin, like no petrol)) I changed setting back what had before (more...
  3. Dam Speedo is on the way out now

    Dominator / FMX
    Probably something to do with how I put the bike back together after changing the front pads and disc a few weeks ago although no signs of any issued before today. Speedo seems to be going up the wall. Needle jumping about a lot! Is this just going to be the able? Wondering if this is a fault...
  4. gearshift drum

    My varadero has started jumping out of 2nd gear into neutral, does anyone know what this is or is it as i suspect, a worn drum/selector forks? If so does anyone know if you can get to it with engine in the bike, because the honda service manual quotes only 3hrs for the job
  5. Transalp 600 jumping out of 2nd gear - advice needed

    I have a 1990 600cc Transalp with 50,000 miles on the clock. It has started jumping out of 2nd gear, not all the time, about 1 in 20 times, when pulling away, after changing into 2nd, it will jump out into a "false" neutral. The engine oil has been changed and the chain tension is fine. Does...
  6. Motorcycle Live help needed

    I'm looking to take a stand at Motorcycle Live 23 November - 1 December this year, in Birmingham, to promote my phone app. I'm going to need some help from people who use the app to show it off to punters. I get lots of passes into the show so if you can help out one day you could visit the...
  7. London beware of jumping red lights

    Just seen this on the HUBB "One of my friends got caught yesterday by a police operation during commuting time in London. Like many other bikers he got caught riding and stopping on a cycling box in front of cars, at a red light. 100 pounds fine and 3 points on his licence. Coming out as a...
  8. My latest boys toy

    This is my latest boys toy. I bought one in the States on my recent Base jumping adventure . Unfortunately I didn't bring it home as I think its classed as a fire arm in the UK . Beer Cannon 1
  9. Crazy Finn

    The crazy Finnish guy jumping down in to a river with his bike, here is the real original footage. - YouTube
  10. No power but full battery

    Yesterday had symptoms of losing power where it would only rev to 5k RPM and if opened up more it would bog and die until throttled off. This got prgressively worse down to 3K RPM and 30mph. Was also getting harder to restart and eventually would not restart but got only a click when the...
  11. What would you do?

    Pittsburgh zoo death: Maddox Derkosh mauled to death by African wild dogs after mother dangles him over railings | Mail Online I don't know about anyone else but 11 feet of drop would not stop me jumping in, not a chance. How could two parents watch on as a pack of dogs ripped their two year...
  12. Jumping Rev Counter

    Africa Twin
    My rev counter started jumping this afternoon while spending some time on the freeway. I was cruising in the region of 6-7k rpm and i noticed at times it would jump 500rpm forward and sometimes 500rpm backwards. Nothing more than that. Power seemed good with no issues. I might just recheck my...
  13. Back firing

    And so it begins:D Just got myself a 2003 DRZ400 SK3 I'm getting some 'scare the pedestrians' backfiring. You get the occassional phut on the overrun, that I can cope with. But.... When you get the 'proper backfire!!!! It is not the type I've had on Boxers or the trannie, it is a very clean...
  14. This might be jumping the gun

    but it may very well be a case of .........................TICK!
  15. Do I have a problem with my cluch?

    Africa Twin
    Hi, I have been finding recently that although the bike rides and changes gear perfectly when going along. I now notice that when pulled up at traffic lights, if I do not select neutral straight away, (after perhaps 5 to 10 seconds) then the gear shifter becomes very stiff and takes a lot off...
  16. Jumping out of third gear

    Has anyone had a problem with a 700 transalp jumping From third gear down into second? I've just bought a 2 year old transalp from c j ball in Norwich and it has been back twice in 2 weeks for the same problem. Third gear does not engage properly every now and then and jumps back down into...
  17. Jumping out of 5th gear

    Africa Twin
    HI guys the tital says it all but I will give some back ground info as well. I am traveling town to Oz so overlanding with a fair amount of gear and a set of tires, but riding solo. Twice now on slight up hills under medium load/throttle she has jumped out of fifth gear and into a false neutral...
  18. Jumping with AT!

    Nice jump! Has anybody else tried it? YouTube - paprika
  19. Chain jumping

    Africa Twin
    Can anybody please help me with what is wrong with my AT, when riding it feels like the chain is clonking. i put the bike up on its centre stand and ran it in gear when throttle is open it appears to run smoothish, but when i let the throttle off the chain starts jumping, and it sounds that what...
  20. Jumping chain!?

    My TA had new tyres fitted 3-4 mnths ago, mechanic told me then got a noise from the chain caused by probable old chain/sprockets(chain sprockets only about 8000miles old!) or tight link! Recently noise has been getting worse, decided to adjust chain abit to improve...made it alot worse noise...