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  1. Fi codes anyone?

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi all. Having some time away with the misses and her bloody bike is playing up. Stalling at junctions etc so nothing to bad. Anyway we're getting code 29, 2 long flashes and 9 short from the fi lamp. Anyone know the codes? Thanks, David.
  2. There goes the Clutch

    Joyfully riding through the the summer down poor, dully used the clutch and thought that did not feel right, next gear change bang away she goes. :blob8: It was a challenge riding the rest of the way without the cable, I shat myself ever time at junctions :mrgreen: Any tips on changing the...
  3. Cutting Out ??

    my 2005 fuel injected varadero cuts out when i stop at junctions,not every time very sporadic,tick over appears to be fine,and bike starts every time.any body any ideas as to what may be causing this ?
  4. AT Speedo Accuracy

    Africa Twin
    I was experimenting with speed v economy on my 01 AT yesterday and remembered much talk of not being able to rely on the accuracy of our speedometers, with the expectation that they might have an under-read built in so that they under rather than over estimate speed. I have the standard RD07a...
  5. This Summers trip,,,, Normandy?

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Regional meet - Normandy I own a place in Normandy with a fairly large field suitable for camping. The area has lots of things to see and do and is pretty easy to get to. If you're unsure about riding abroad, it's a very good way to get started. It takes about four hours to reach from...
  6. First big Transalp trip. (Report)

    (It's Long so you don't have to read it. I'm just writing it for me.LOL) I know for some it would not have been a big trip but for me it was. Having done my Das and only done about 100m localy on the way back from the shop. So. I've been away for 3 weeks. I get home and the wifes gone away...
  7. Ride for Rights

    Took my 'alp on the London Ride for Rights this afternoon. Amazing experience. Thousands of bikes took part. Started at Wembley Stadium. Roads and junctions blocked off by police riders to let the rally come round the North Circular, in on the A40 and over the flyover, down the Euston Road and...
  8. I have fitted extra brake light

    I found that cars behind me noticed me late when I breaked up at junctions etc. So decided to fit an LED brakelight. Went to buy a standard car one (which fitted quite nice on the length), took it apart and used some silicone (better use CA glue) on it to waterproof it a bit, removed the...
  9. just off the motorway......

    Great Roads/Routes
    Had this idea for a series of posts. As I travel up and down the M6 between junctions 32 and 21 day after day I know what is just off all the junctions in between that is useful to know. I thought if I started it on that bit motorway others could add stuff about other junctions on the M6 and...
  10. Voltmeter Fitted

    Africa Twin
    OK Voltmeter fitted. Please see below. Many thanks for all who contributed with advice especially Tarka and GSPD750. I wanted the voltmeter to be permanently on so I could glance at it in the middle of the winter when the bike is effectively in storage. I notice on the wiring diagram...
  11. Lower Ride Height

    Transalp XL650V-6 Lowering the ride height? My aim is to be able to place both feet flat on the deck. I have a lowest seat possible. My local variable surfaced narrow roads have junctions with severe cambers, up, down, left and right and so the need for a good flat foot on the ground is...
  12. I saw

    a RWB @ on the M4 today heading east between junctions 34 and 33 and I DON'T CARE WHO IT WAS :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
  13. Bikesafe London

    I did the Bikesafe London day on Friday. The Met and City police run these jointly from either the Ace café in the north or The Warren in Hayes, Bromley in the south (where I went). They are subsidised by Transport for London (TfL) but still cost £30, which covers a bit of lunch etc. (I know...
  14. Taking responsibility

    Over and over again we hear of incidents where cars pull out in front of bikes. We know they do it, even though they shouldn't, so why do so many people ride like they are in a perfect world instead of expecting trouble? At the risk of getting flamed (and this isn't aimed at anyone in...
  15. speed limit cuts for nearly all country roads

    Looks like you'll need to stick to major trunk routes if you want to be able to blat along at a heady 60mph in future :x Other A roads are probably going to be reduced to 50mph or 40mph limits... So that's pretty much guaranteed to be a 40 limit on any road you might think is fun to ride...
  16. Numb Fingers

    Was out and about on the bike on Saturday with the woman on the back, generally enjoying the weather and having a day out (went up to watch MotoGP qualiying). Anyway, both of noticed that we had tingly, numb hands when we got off the bike which is something I've never had on the 'alp before...