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  1. Rear light relocation program

    Africa Twin
    I really love the looks of the AT, but to me the rear light and plastic protector don't do the bike justice. So I relocated the rear light to sit flush with the fairing and removed the plastic protector (I know, not practical, but hey, stripe of dirt on the back adds to my image...) Original...
  2. Whats a bikers life worth ???????

    AN 18 MTH COMMUNITY ORDER, SO IT SEEMS Pensioner admits causing collision which killed Camborne motorcyclist Michael Harrison | West Briton Where's the justice??????????????????
  3. Sweet, swift justice!!

    I couldn't help but smile :grin: What a fair cop... we could do with him in the UK please!! BBC News - Motorbike robbery at gunpoint caught on camera
  4. Poetic justice?

    Bloody well serves him right if you ask me! Andy.
  5. Vader loses again

    That's twice that you've been booted out in Ukraine :toothy8: Darth Vader storms Justice Ministry - Trending blog - What's trending now - Twitter | MSN News UK
  6. Say what you will but there's no soft justice there...

    Iran hangs two for 'waging war against God' - Telegraph
  7. I don't read the Torygraph but...

    Please support this petition if you care about justice, humanity and common sense :) Release an Unfairly Jailed War Hero | Campaigns by You
  8. Jimmy Savile R.I.H

    Although he is dead, escaping from justice if he is truly guilty, I'm sickened to the stomach to hear some news articles about Jimmy Savile. More than anything, I am truly di$gusted that many so called celebrities are now crawling out from under their rocks and claiming that it was general...
  9. British justice at its finest

    In a nutshell, guy beats the crap out of armed robber who has been holding his family at knife point. The guy goes to jail but the armed robber (with 54 previous convictions!!!) gets a supervision order. That'll teach him :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: Jailed for taking on armed robber | The...
  10. Justice at Last !!

    I had heard about this ass###e when i visited a biker caff in Hants that banned him Best news ive heard in a long while :thumbup: Vigilante biker crashes - | Motorcycle News | Bike News | Motorbike Videos | MCN
  11. Norse god justice!!!

  12. Good News - there is some Justice

    I hear the people responsible for failing the Poor Child called Baby P are at last facing up to their catastrophic mistakes. signations & Firings apparently. I for one hope they all have a thoroughly miserable Christmas !!
  13. Is this justice?

    Chatter I can see why stuff like this happens. A stupid short jail term must have seemed like a slap in the face for the friends and families of the teenagers he killed while driving off his head on coke. By ensuring he...
  14. *NWS* Rough Justice?

    Chatter Well, did he deserve it? Apologies if it's already been posted, I couldn't find it if it has.
  15. No Justice Britain!

    A jury in Plymouth has just cleared a foreign taxi driver of dangerous driving. In may last year Jukub Navratil was driving his taxi over Dartmoor. At the Devils Elbow he hit a motorcyclist head on killing him and his pillion wife. He was on the wrong side of the road, was doing 55mph in a 40mph...