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  1. Africa Twin
    I was in the "maybe i will look at one in 2-3 years time" camp now I am seriously thinking of getting one, of course I can't justify £10,000 on a bike, but it is tempting anyone else thinking this?
  2. Africa Twin
    Saw one for sale a few days ago 1990 57000 kms. Looks nice and original. Have the 01 AT. Is there enough of a difference between them to justify another one in the garage? Buy in haste repent at leisure and all that!
  3. Chatter
    ...and if you want proof, check out the exhaust on my Speed Triple - the balance pipe is now dinged on both sides. On a normal left hander the peg goes down before anything else. A bit too cautious to see what happens on right handers as legend has it the clutch cover goes down. The balance...
1-3 of 3 Results