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  1. Output shaft bearing is kaput......

    Africa Twin
    Any ideas what to do now? Rebuild? Break it? Sell it on? What'll make me the most back from it in the least time? Read a few past threads and still not sure which direction to head. As of yet it's still in France in a van being brought back home as we flew back Yesterday! :rolleyes:
  2. Honda Alarm

    Africa Twin
    I got a good look at the Honda alarm I have on my bike. Looks good and I'd like to keep it on there, but I only have one working remote and I don't want to get stuck with an armed system and no remote should it be lost or kaput. I went to the dealer today and they looked at me like I was crazy...
  3. Not about bikes -- car welding

    Ok, I bust a wheel stud putting my young fella's wheel ON :confused::confused::confused: ( must stop eating those porridge oats :D ) Couldn't get the stub out so stripped the caliper off,took off the disc, disconnected the battery and welded a nut onto the stud stub to get a spanner onto it. I...
  4. Wanted: Tripmaster for my RD07 wanted (a fully working one please).

    For Sale / Wanted
    Mine hast gone kaput unt I am needing anuzer :hitler: but fur cheapen money. Blimey, I came over all monty python there for a minute :p
  5. RD03 Front brake binding after overhaul

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, Some of you might remember I had some issues getting my RD03's front caliper overhauled (as in everything that could me stuck, was stuck). Eventually I came to the point where I had to bleed the system to get nice firm brakes. As if it would be so easy. After hours of bleeding I...
  6. Help with strange charging rates...PLEASE!

    Africa Twin
    Hi boys and girls, this morning my twin failed to start due to a flat battery. I completed a 150mile round trip Saturday, left it for a day and this morning nothing. I have checked the charging rates; At idle, no lights- 14v ish:D With headlights and projector beams-...
  7. Need a rubber

    Africa Twin
    Thought that would get your attention.. :D In desperate need of the connecting pipe (no.11 in the diagram) Mine's kaput and I'm having difficulty sourcing one. Anybody got a spare or a used one sitting around, 'pretty please'. Had to partially strip the bike again because of this blinking...
  8. Bulletproof!!

    So I have had my XR for a couple of years and Ive loved it and still do. Nearly went to a DRZ S but after buying one and running it along side the XR I felt it had too many niggles and needed a whole wedge of cash being spent on it to make it as good as the XR so I kept the XR Since I have owned...
  9. Freecycle - a good thing......

    ....but this is just taking the wee wee - [GalwayFreecycle] wanted: Car I know, i know. this is a bit much but.... i drove my own into a flood recently, water into engine via air filter, piston bent, car kaput. So, i'm left out in the countryside without the means to get...
  10. Starter solinoid issues?

    Africa Twin
    Another random electircal woe. I've been off the bike for about two weeks, battery was working fine before and is probably less than 2 months old after the last one went kaput (it was well over 2 years old) Of late while riding along ive been getting a under the crotch. Havent...
  11. For Sale: size 12 boot

    For Sale / Wanted
    While adventure riding in Western Scotland spring last year, I did have a ride along a track with a warning sign 'not suitable for motors' obviously it did not mean me or 'The Goat'. Unfortunately I fishtailed it a bit on some loose gravel, put my left foot down to regain control and my £29...
  12. Something is up with old reliable

    Africa Twin
    I hate when things go wrong. No major issues with my loverly bike up until today. Went out to drop off a package at the local TNT deposit. Came back out and kaput. No start, nowt not even neutral light or trip computer. Fair enough i think, battery is dead. Get someone to jump it, high rev's...
  13. Shocks & Wheels

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi folks, long time lurker on the site & lots of great advice picked up from here. My 97 Dommie has a load of corrosion on the rear rim around the valve (enough to fail an MOT) and it's back shock is kaput. Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for replacements?
  14. She runs again - anything else I should check?

    Africa Twin
    My @ is running like a rocket again. Basically it was the choke. I took the chokes right out and the cable off and found that the bottom half, where it splits in two, was catching. There was also a lot of grit and dirt inside where the right-hand choke fits in the carb. I cleaned the whole thing...