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  1. Want... want NOW!!!!

    dribble, slobber...KDX200
  2. kdx 220

    any one got or had one? got a xr400 but thinking of changing, been looking at 220s as a replacement...
  3. 32mm/22mm Wheel wrench for CRF250/450 and others

    For Sale / Wanted
    Based on the a similar item I had for my XR4, I had a small batch of combi axle wrenches made which would be suitable for my CRF250x. These have a 22mm and a 32mm wrench for front and rear axles respectively. They are laser-cut from 5mm steel so should be stronger than your average 'tool kit'...
  4. Yamonda CRF125 injection!

    CRF - New Forum!
    Hi folks, just thot i'd post some pics up of my creation. Its a 1987 CR80 fitted with a 2007 Yamaha YBR125 fuel injection engine. Should turn a few heads at the track lol. Great fun!!!! :D:D:D
  5. 400 x 18 cat paw front tyre dtr xt kdx kmx ts dr xl 125

    eBay - Varadero
    £14.99 (0 Bids) End Date: Sunday Jan-16-2011 19:50:37 GMT Bid now | Add to watch list More...
  6. 275 x 21 cat paw front tyre dtr xt kdx kmx ts dr xl 125

    eBay - Varadero
    £9.99 (0 Bids) End Date: Sunday Jan-16-2011 19:48:31 GMT Bid now | Add to watch list More...
  7. Bad day

    Had a really long ride yesterday on the XR, virtually all tight wood, single track and thick grassy moorland bog all either uphill or sharp decent. Possibly my worst day out on the XR, I binned it about 6 times, 4 on steep incline, which hillariously left me tumbling back down the mountain side...
  8. First outing of 2010

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    I havent been out since early December, when with the XR running rough I decided it was time to check it out and get the oil use problem sorted. So after a rebore, new piston and head re fresh. Then a body work clean up with new plastics and new tank, time spent running in and a carb overhaul it...
  9. For Sale: a few bikes breaking

    For Sale / Wanted
    breaking a few bikes 1996 fireblade all parts avalible 1996 honda nx650 dominator(most parts avalible) 1985 xl600(few parts left) 1993 xj600 diversion(all parts avalible) 2001 ccm 604 (few bits left) cz250 custom cafe racer (all parts avalible) 1992 kdx125 (mostly engine parts left) pm me if you...
  10. Swapping my XR650R for an XR400R or similar.

    Maybe a crazy idea but i just cant seem to justify the 650 anymore. I love the bike to bits but spend anytime i do go out on my bikes on my KDX220R. I just dont need anything that can cover road miles and want summat a bit more enduro focused with less power. Yep, seems an odd move but for me...
  11. Cambrian 17th/18th October.

    Competitions / Trials
    Home Anyone else doing it? Im entered on my KDX220R but i've decided to take the XR650R instead.:thumbup: Either way, i'll be there. Look out for one of these bikes, it well be me.:thumbup:
  12. Enduros

    Other Bikes
    I'm considering another bike i'm keeping the vara and the xr but fancy something easier to ride on enduro's around 200 -250cc thinking maybe ktm 200exc or something similar Gasgas maybe. What do you suggest???? Don't want to spend a fortune don't want a kx or kdx had them before many years...
  13. stick with XL or change to ??

    I am seeking some advice from you guys out there , i have recently been green laning again with a friend who has a kdx200 (nice light machine but two stroke) i have a xl250r 1985 (good old horse) which although gets me thru the sticky stuff is (as i found out a couple of times) heavy as [email protected]
  14. old nobber alarm.

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    hello everyone.was browsing the for sale section looking for an xr and the site looked really why not join? own a ccm and a kdx at the moment but would love a 650xr. here's the bikes. see you around,so to speak :thumbup:
  15. Fitted motad venom

    Africa Twin
    One of the factory seconds which looks mint to me :p, Bit fiddly to fit as i think its for 94-97 models (mines a 99). Read through some of the posts on fitting these and once i reversed the honda mounting lug and used a couple of spacers it fitted no problem, clears indicators etc, was a little...
  16. Hafren Rally 05/10/08

    Competitions / Trials
    Anyone else doing it? Bit of a pain its so close to the Cambrian but what the hell, its why i have 2 bikes. Im doing the Hafren on my KDX220 and the Cambrian on my XR650R. Anyway, anyone else?
  17. Touch up paint

    Africa Twin
    Is there any kind of paint avalible in these colours for those scratches or is it just a case of matching it to a car paint or something in halfords?
  18. I've Got 1!!!

    Africa Twin
    Managed to get an RD07 model at the weekend there, won it on ebay for £2355 with just under 15k miles, its a 99 model with a full years mot and 2 months tax, Data tagged and immobiliser. The guy had it from new and had all reciepts, mot papers, tax discs etc from new, even the keyring from the...
  19. New here

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi folks, just signed up, looks like an excellent forum. I'm currently riding an 89 Transalp but hope to have an Africa twin by summer time. Just sold my van, still got to sell my KDX and Transalp to help get one of these lol. I'm after a 94 onwards model. Cant wait :D Greg.
  20. Ridgeway Restricted Byway

    Well bad news folks. I was up on the Ridgeway at the weekend on the KDX and the post NERC signs are now up meaning you can ride it in Wiltshire, not ride it in Oxfordshire and ride it again in Berkshire????? This is the perfect test case for the TRF me thinks but alas the judge will be an...