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  1. Africa Twin
    Ok been hanging out for months looking for an rdo4 screen for my 90 TA...can anyone helpplease...cheers-kenny:thumbup:
  2. Africa Twin
    OK We all know the AT could really do with an extra cog, and this is what prompts my question. Years ago, when I were a lad, but thought I was Kenny Roberts, I was whizzing around on my Yamaha FS1E. The girls loved me, and I loved me (I looked good in all the shop windows) but I remember...
  3. Africa Twin
    So I,m waiting on my mate turning up for a road ride and have put the africa in the garage and readied the blackbird ,started looking at the oil leak from the left hand side of the africa so whip the gear lever and cover off for a closer look and fiddle a bit only to find massive play on...
  4. Africa Twin
    Hi everyone,hope everyone got as drunk as I did at new year and staggered home at sunrise next day ha ha god I love drinking...any way,my handle bars are breaking my wrists,I find that they are too straight at the ends which in turn forces my wrists outward,after evena short time its...
  5. Africa Twin
    :D Well after only having a top speed of 125 kmh I decided to overhaul the carbs as I thought that felt like the problem.Spot on as I removed a spoonfull of sand from the carb and alot from the right hand choke needle,absolutely clogged.So after a replacement fuel pump which arrived 2 days ago...
  6. Off Topic Lounge
    I had my mates RC30 for the day, boy i suffered !!! So i went over to Boxhill and when i got there i noticed 2 Z1,s parked up real minters. So i parked up next to them got talking to the owners. I love Z1,s i really fantasise about a P&M Z1 the Jim Wells and Kenny Irons era. The Z1 boys have a...
1-6 of 7 Results