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  1. best touring tires with some off road ability for Africa twin

    Africa Twin
    hi all sorry if it is a repeated question want to buy touring tires for my RDO7 with some off road ability during last years i was always using Conti TKC 80 on my last trip from Egypt to Kenya they last only 7000 KM yes loaded and bad road too any recommendation i will mainly use it for...
  2. Transalps in the (Brazilian) TV news...

    I caught a look of this video... Kenyan runner tackled by spectator, still wins race and thought, "Heck, those bikes look familiar..." Looks like they've got good ABS, too... :D
  3. Jambo From Kenya

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi guys, I acquired a 1992 XL600V last year and I can admit I'm having a great time with it here in Kenya. It's my second bike with the first having been a Yamaha XT250T. Great to see such a vibrant Transalp community and looking forward to interact with many of you. Asante!
  4. 1992 Honda Transalp Used Parts - Dealers List/Contacts

    Hi guys, I'm trying to revive my 1992 Honda Transalp Xl600V-N here in Kenya after an irresponsible mechanic messed up and "knocked" my engine and also damaged other parts. I'm having a problem finding parts here in Kenya or wider East Africa and importing new parts from Europe is darn...
  5. off road trip accross kenya wilds anyone

    anybody fancey a cheap trip off roading/dirt biking in kenya? 7 days 7 nights start in nirobi then off road to mombassa through the wilds 6 nights in tents 1 night in luxary hotel all flights transferes bikes food drink included £1500 each limited spaces so be quick this is an amazing 1 off...
  6. Stuck in Kenya.....!

    Well here I am in Kenya, in a hot hotel room just waiting for my flight to be confirmed, I just hope it's not too long before I can come home :(
  7. Kenya Contact.

    As Some of you know and some of you will soon find out. I am now living in Nairobi Kenya until about Aug 2011. If anyone also lives in Kenya. Or If anyone is traveling though Kenya and needs help trip planning, local advise, local contacts. etc etc. You can contact me at...
  8. new owner from Kenya, Nairobi

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Just bought my first Africa twin Xrv 650 honda 1988 model here in Nairobi, Kenya. Not many bikes like that in these regions and also no qualified motor technicians around here to give any advise. My aim is to refurbish the bike and then travel around east africa with it. So reason for joining...